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Pay Per Click TsunamiI am not sure what to call this product… Neither does Paul or Jeff. – the guys who sent me the info.  I originally received an email from one of my solo ad sites where I am a member.   I liked the idea of targeted 1-cent clicks that I could test on one of my programs.

This was initially advertised as a new traffic source, but in the videos it was clarified that the source has been around for years and would be for a long time…  To make a long story short.. I paid five dollars to learn that you can post ads on mobile phones and link them to a capture page.

What? You already knew that?  🙂  The top secret traffic source is  There, I just saved you five bucks.   I have to admit, Paul spent considerable time on some of the most obvious video training ever. He showed how you can put .01 in a box and get one cent clicks.  And if you don’t want traffic from that country, just remove the information.   I know… He wasted my time and now has my latest disposable email address…

I am now a member at and I checked to make sure that I didn’t sign up for any automatic membership fees.

I Signed Up for Account

Remember, buzzcity was the top secret information provided by the Pay per Click Tsunami!

The funny thing is, that I actually have been considering trying some mobile ads, so I signed up for  There is a wait for my ad campaign to be approved.  BTW.. I also needed to upload a payment confirmation document which included a copy of my driver’s license, which I wasn’t particularly pleased about doing.  I had to get a refund because after about five days, hadn’t activated my account. I sent customer service a note and they asked for my driver’s license again. I figured they were clueless and I would find mobile ads somewhere else.