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Super Bowl Prediction – Broncos Hang On.

Super Bowl Prediction

Does anybody else think it’s wrong that the NFL league MVP was announced the morning of the Super Bowl?I’m sure that Manning’s selection as 2013 MVP was nearly a foregone conclusion, but the timing seems terrible.

How about announcing it immediately after season ends or a week after the Super Bowl is played… We already have enough to talk about today!

Here’s my prediction, not because I’m a great football analyst, but because I needed to have my pick on record before the game… Broncos 27 Seahawks 20.  Marshawn Lynch is going to have a tough go today and Russell Wilson will make some unbelievable improvisations but a couple of key mistakes too.  Meanwhile, Broncos receiving corps will have a big day.

Back to work tomorrow.. I’m working on several new things, including a home cell phone franchise that looks fabulous.