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5 Minute Mogul – Okay… I’ll Play!

I jumped into this program with modest expectations, but I really needed something to bump my lousy super bowl prediction off the front page.  Kimball Roundy’s promotion for the Five Minute Mogul gave me an excuse to try something new!   He offered a $1.00 trial for the first month.  (Of course,. that dollar is guaranteed also, but who bothers to fight for a one dollar refund. It’s not worth the time and effort.)

I sat through the video and The Five Minute Mogul is loosely based upon the Monopoly board game concept. Kimball’s casual approach in his video was appealing and he seemed intelligent and successful.  Hey, we’ve been fooled before, but I’m curious.

The Five Minute Mogul is Kimball’s system on how to make lots of money on the internet. To be fair, it just doesn’t sound all that exciting, but I liked the cheap entry price and the residual income concept.

5 Minute MogulDay One

Let’s get going!  Roads are miserable today with an icy mix of snow and rain, so it’s a great day to jump right in. I’m a little disappointed that there’s no Paypal payment option and I have to give my credit card info to this site…(But my expiration date is the end of this month, so I’ll be getting a new one shortly)

** One Time Upsell – You know I hate these!   A 100 dollar per month upsell.. Instead of the apprentice level training that I just purchased, I can upgrade to the Industrial level for $497 one time charge, or $100 per month.  More training. More income opportunities. More squares on the Monopoly game board.  Basically, he has disparaged my decision to purchase the original training;    That’s okay.. I’m going to do it, because the first month is free, and if I don’t like it, I can cancel and never be billed.5 Minute Mogul

**ANOTHER One Time Upsell!!
The Tycoon Partnership Program.   Increase commissions from 50% to 100%… I get license to sell the two game boards that I’ve already seen.   This one costs $997 one time payment or $1200 annually. (Paid quarterly)

I’m getting sick…RIght now the fees for the first year is up to about $2800 dollars!

It took me a while to figure it out, but I’m in.. Here’s an image of the game board.  As you can see, there are not a lot of squares in Kimball’s monopoly board.  The first square involves buying an autoresponder… (ANOTHER EXPENSE! )

5 Minute MogulSQUARE 1 – Sign up for Pure Leverage Auto Responder

Auto responder looks pretty cool. Reseller account was first offer.. Another 20 bucks per month!   At this point, I’m unsure of how many subscribers I can have on my account for the 25 dollars per month.  I already have a couple of auto responders set up, but I’m going to try this system. I’m not going to promote it, so, there’s no need to sign up for the reseller account.

I imported my campaign for 5 Minute Mogul, and registered my information with 5 Minute Mogul.  I created a signup form. All easy and automatic!!  I was pretty impressed with this step.

SQUARE 2  – Free Traffic   This sucked… I am really disappointed… The free traffic system is a few banners and email copy for you to post to Facebook, Twitter and your email contacts. This is a huge disappointment.   The good news, if there is any, is that there was no hidden extra charge. 🙂

SQUARE 3Buy Traffic     The minimum package is $300 dollars.

The idea is that traffic is directed to your capture page.  Frankly, this is where I bail.  Kimball doesn’t guarantee anything and I suspect this is the step where he really makes his money.  I don’t see any way to monitor this traffic and 300 dollars, without refund, is too much to throw away.  At this point I’m skeptical about the efficacy of the squeeze pages I’ve seen so I’m not investing money on traffic to those pages. I will test them with my current traffic sources and see if I get a useful conversion rate.

SQUARE 4 – LEVERAGE – or upsell to the Tycoon level… I’m skipping this again. Nothing that I’ve seen so far makes me eager to spend another $997 (or $1200 in installment payments)


Rather than a monopoly board, I see Kimball’s system as a series of toll booths through an area that I’ve traveled many times already. These sneaky little tolls add up fast, and previous members all have a piece of that pie. There is a nice auto responder that’s part of the plan, but that’s a third party expense. The program itself hasn’t shown me anything new.  You buy the program, and make money convincing others to buy the program and pay the tolls.  I don’t see any real training or useful tools.

What I do like is that it does lead a newbie through the steps necessary to set up a complete program.  I’m going to continue testing to see what kind of conversion rates I get from the materials before cancelling the system.  It’s going to have to do pretty well  before the end of February for me to stay in.

** UPDATE.. Refund process was simple and fast.

** UPDATE 2 – Started getting spam to the email address I created for this project. Just another reason to stay away from the 5 Minute Mogul.

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