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Another Time-Waster from Anik Singal

Title: My 4 Favorite Traffic Sources – How I Built an Email List of Over 1 Million

Anik Singal

Anik Singal has been bombarding my email inbox recently with a webinar advertised to teach me how to generate traffic and build and email list.    I wanted to learn about new traffic sources, so you can imagine my disappointment when I realized Anik was packaging the same old BS so that he could take the opportunity to try and sell me a $997 listacademy membership.  He wasted a chunk of my time and I thought you should know so  you can avoid Anik Singal and his seminars.   Hey, I’m here to save you time and money.


Anik Singal Wisdom – for about 1000 dollars….

Here are Anik’s incredibly groundbreaking traffic sources:

  • Social Media
  • Solo Ads
  • Facebook
  • Google (adwords)
  • Affiliates

Let me guess.. You didn’t learn anything either?    I am shocked. 🙂

After spending 30 minutes listening to Anik’s earnings claims, he finally got to his traffic source…  I was furious that I woke up at 6 am to listen to this incredibly basic information. I knew there would be some sales pitch embedded, but I was hoping to get something of value for listening to Anik drone on and on about how much money he’s made and is making with his email lists. I’ve seen his stuff before; I truly should have known better!


The list academy training is discounted to $997 for those who are able to sit through Anik’s incredibly basic training session on email marketing. Take a look at the image and you can see that his system is also the standard autoresponder system currently used by nearly every email marketer out there.

If you’d like to  drop Anik an email, he can be reached at, but I wouldn’t recommend using a good email address as he will certainly start bombarding your email in box too!

One additional note that shows you just the kind of marketing guy Anik really is…

In the final email before the webinar started, I received this offer from Anik,

Make sure you go there NOW, because in the first 10 minutes, I’ll be giving away a “lucky door prize” of a Macbook, PLUS, I’ll be giving away $200 worth of prizes to EVERYONE…

But that all happens in the first 10 minutes, so if you don’t go there now, you’ll miss out!

Needless to say, that didn’t happen either.