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Anthony Morrison’s – Fast Traffic Sniper – Stay away from SameOldStuff

anthonyIf you see Anthony Morrsion’s Fast Track Sniper advertisement – Run.  Run fast and don’t stop until you’re far away from your computer.   I admit, I was seduced by the promise of incredible amounts of traffic with a terrific 1 year guarantee plus a $100 bonus from Anthony if you try his system and don’t make money.

The problem is this… He does all the usual stuff.. Incredible examples of money made and snide comments about how every OTHER guru is faking his reports to sell you stuff.  Once you sign up for the Fast Track Sniper, you get bombarded by more sales pitches.  Hosting, coaching, etc.  All the usual stuff.

The software itself is pretty much nothing.   Anthony’s top-secret formula is CPV using the usual networks where I already have accounts.  DirectCPV, LeadImpact, etc.   His program is able to find all the YouTube videos related to a particular keyword and with one-click get your ad infront of those videos.

The problem with CPV is that it only gets in front of the small percentage of internet users who actually install the toolbars that allow the advertising to popup. So.. to follow his example, just because someone visits doesn’t mean they’re going to see your Best Buy Gift card popup ad.

I’ve perused the site for two days and can’t find anything that I’ve learned from Anthony. The software is relatively useless..  The site does not seem to be professionally done, or at least the quality control is lacking.   For example, I initially purchased the trial for $65 dollars and when I went to the web page, it was for $49 dollars.  I then read the fine print and discovered another charge for $49 would be coming in 30 days.  After I exited out, I was given another discount, and got the price down to $19 dollars – a one time charge.  This always is a red flag to me.