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Best Credit Card Processing Account

Top Things to Look for when choosing a credit card processor

  • Free Equipment
  • No contracts
  • Lowest possible rates
  • Next Day Funding
  • Same rates for AMEX
  • No monthly fees

Yes – You can get all that

We’ve been looking at this for a while, and found out that most business pay way too much for their credit card processing.  We found that almost all cards are processed by Wells Fargo, and their fees are fixed. The real expense goes to your broker, or middle man.

Free Equipment

Some brokers charge a significant fee for your equipment. But, you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars, when you can get the latest and greatest equipment free.  Of course, if you stop processing cards, you do have to send it back.

No Contracts

Seriously.  No long term obligation.  Things change and you don’t want a credit card processing contract hanging on your neck like an anchor.  Insist on no long term contract.

No Monthly Fees

If you’re using the processing, you’re already generating fees.  It’s okay to pay a small fee if you’re not using the processing.   If you’re not using the equipment, you should send it back.

Lowest Possible Rates

Nobody needs a middle man with sticky fingers.  Start with the best rates, which is the fixed fee of the processor plus the smallest middle man’s cut.  You can get base rate as low as 0.5%.

Next Day Funding

Why shouldn’t you get your money right away?

AMEX processed for same fees

I know many vendors won’t even accept American Express because they think you have to pay more.  It’s not true.

Stamp of Approval from The List Maniacs

We’re research many different processors.  I can put you in touch with a middle man who makes this work.  Send me an email at with your contact information and when he can reach you to discuss your business.