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Free Video Series

Big Idea MastermindVick Strizheus
2522 W. 41st. ST Suite 136
Sioux Falls, SD 57105

Here’s the deal… Vick is offering a totally free system that’s made him incredible amounts of money.  He’s even giving away a $497 dollar software tool.    I know, we’ve heard similar pitches before, but let’s take a look.

The video bait is delivered over several days, with a countdown time until this deal runs out!   I’ve watched the first two videos and the second video provided a link to his free squeeze page generator… Works fine too!  Really there’s nothing too difficult about making a squeeze page, but the templates are good and it’s easy to do.   Hardly worth $497 but, certainly a useful tool for newbies.

In order to use the squeeze page generator you have to provide FTP login instructions to Vick’s software system which is web based. I was a little uncomfortable with that, but I’ll give it a shot and delete the FTP account after my test drive.

Just received another email.. The new system that’s being released tomorrow at noon will cost $497 per month – but he’s going to give it away to a bunch of people who sign up quickly tomorrow!

I like Vick… His videos are casual and he seems like a smart and reasonable man. I’ll sign up at noon tomorrow to see if I get the free trial. He’s already got my email address anyway.

Just got the third video of the bait.  And Vick’s a little loose with the facts!  You can get in for free but realistically that is incomplete as all the goodies are much more expensive.  Vick’s plan is really about the Empower Network, which seems like a MLM deal, though I haven’t looked too closely yet.  You can spend over 5,000 to get in with Vick’s Diamond Plan.  Sure, it involves a trip to Private Million Dollar Diamond Mastermind Party In Hawai next May, but seriously, I can plan my own vacation.

I just can’t go forward with this. The free system apparently costs 25 dollars with an additional 19.95 per month charge to be able to sell Empower Network’s blogging system.    Hardly the free system that Vick was claiming to give away at the beginning of his sales pitch.