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I made the mistake of doing business with    Hopefully you can learn from my story.. These guys advertise a bunch of different marketing products. Avoid them all.

Things they promote, generally on my Skype account:

Facebook poster
Skype ads
Number Verifier
SMTP service

Beware of This

After two months of not working properly, and lack of response from customer service, I initiated a claim through PayPal.  Jack Simpson, (not sure if that’s his real name)  who has presented himself as the head guy at, said he would give me my refund if I could just close the claim.  He also said that he would give me his new, top of the line, server for a month. As silly as it sounds, I believed him and closed the case.  Since doing that, Jack refuses to respond to my communications.

DO NOT CLOSE PAYPAL CASE – they cannot be reopened.

Fortunately I can use the second billing to make sure I get them listed as scammers.

My Experience with SMTP Service

This service is connected to my email program and allows me to send through their SMTP server, bypassing my hosting provider and my ISP.   You use their server and they assured me 95% inbox rates.

In actuality, the inbox rates are closer to 5%.


That’s kind of ridiculous. The same email, with same subject line to the same list delivered about a 10% open rate, or about 1000 times better than’s service.

Naturally I contacted customer service.  But they were useless… So useless that I’ve decided to post the entire transcript, minus some login information…

[9/2/2016 7:19:38 AM] Drew L: Are you having any luck with my issue that Barry sent over yesterday?
[9/2/2016 7:20:00 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: tell me what is the issue sir
[9/2/2016 7:20:34 AM] Drew L: No mail getting through…
[9/2/2016 7:22:04 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: but ur campaign is running fine
[9/2/2016 7:22:39 AM] Drew L: No mail is actually geting delivered.. I jsut sent 16 message to my own accounts – and none were delivered.
[9/2/2016 7:23:26 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: yeah sir thats the reason is 23245 mails in queue
[9/2/2016 7:23:52 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: so first release these all
[9/2/2016 7:24:02 AM] Drew L: How do I do that?
[9/2/2016 7:24:12 AM | Removed 7:24:20 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: This message has been removed.
[9/2/2016 7:24:27 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: after that u can insert new
[9/2/2016 7:25:04 AM] Drew L: Why didn’t the emails I sent yesterday get delivered?  And how do I clear the queue?
[9/2/2016 7:25:41 AM] Drew L: Why are the emails backed up?  I only send about 5000 per day?
[9/2/2016 7:26:27 AM] Drew L: I think there’s another problem. This issue has been going on for a while, and I’ve brought it up several times without any resolution.
[9/2/2016 7:29:58 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: nothing wrong with this sir ur almost data is bad thats y raise this issue..if u any doubt about that so we can send log files of u
[9/2/2016 7:30:58 AM] Drew L: How is my data bad.. I sent 16 messages to my own mailboxes and the email doesn’t go through.
[9/2/2016 7:31:18 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: sir listen to me very carefully first
[9/2/2016 7:31:33 AM] Drew L: I hope you’re listening to me..
[9/2/2016 7:31:42 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: which u talk about those 16 mails that are now in queue]
[9/2/2016 7:31:58 AM] Drew L: I sent them YESTERDAY.. and again TODAY.
[9/2/2016 7:32:10 AM] Drew L: and also last week.
[9/2/2016 7:32:25 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: i m talking about ur previous campaign based on queue
[9/2/2016 7:33:46 AM] Drew L: I am not a rookie and would appreciate if you understand that first.
The emails are not getting through. Your service isn’t working.  I”m trying to find out why so I can get a reliable tool to send 5000 – 10,-000 emails per day.
[9/2/2016 7:35:07 AM] Drew L: HOW DO I CLEAR THE QUEUE?  (The 3rd time I’ve asked the question)
[9/2/2016 7:35:32 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: sir if u permit me then i can release all the queue in ur account after that u can look at the actual seen
[9/2/2016 7:36:35 AM] Drew L: Yes.. Let’s do that.
Of course, I’d like to know how 23,000 emails can be backed up when I only send about 5000 per day.
[9/2/2016 7:36:56 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: ok sir i am releasing
[9/2/2016 7:37:01 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: wait for somtime
[9/2/2016 7:37:24 AM] Drew L: sometime?? Minutes? Hours? Days? Or until my account expires?
[9/2/2016 7:40:04 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: sir plz stop shoot campaging from ur side first
[9/2/2016 7:44:58 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: confirm me plz?
[9/2/2016 7:45:13 AM] Drew L: I stopped the emails….
[9/2/2016 7:45:54 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: ok’
[9/2/2016 7:48:42 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: i have released all queue from ur account..plz send some 4 or 5 ids for testing
[9/2/2016 7:50:14 AM] Drew L: I just sent 16 emails…. to my accounts.
[9/2/2016 7:50:22 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: ok
[9/2/2016 7:55:40 AM] Drew L: How long should I expect it to take?  Nothing yet.
[9/2/2016 7:56:16 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: chking sir
[9/2/2016 8:04:00 AM] Drew L: How long should it take?
And can you tell me why the queue was backed up?   What is the daily capacity?
[9/2/2016 8:13:41 AM] Drew L: What are you thinking?  I sent same emails through another SMTP and they arrived 16/16.
[9/2/2016 8:19:50 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: i understand sir and i m chking this
[9/2/2016 8:53:20 AM] Drew L: Any word for me? I have to run out for a few minutes…
[9/2/2016 8:53:59 AM] Drew L: Can you tell me your name please?
[9/2/2016 8:59:07 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: Dear Sir
Your smtp server has been changed,details are given below.Please wait 1 to 2 hours to update it .
[9/2/2016 9:00:43 AM] Drew L: Those credentials are the same as before…
[9/2/2016 9:01:01 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: look at the from id sir
[9/2/2016 9:01:13 AM] Drew L: I didn’t have that before..
[9/2/2016 9:02:10 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: no worry after 2 hours u can shoot with this details
[9/2/2016 9:05:01 AM] Drew L: What is the 2 hour wait for?
[9/2/2016 9:05:09 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: to update sir
[9/2/2016 9:06:04 AM] Drew L: I’m trying to understand the problem… and why it takes 2 hours to make a change.
[9/2/2016 9:06:17 AM] Drew L: What caused the 23,000 email backup?
[9/2/2016 9:06:51 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: this is the Maximum global propegation time sir for switching server process
[9/2/2016 9:07:24 AM] Drew L: propagation of what?
[9/2/2016 9:07:46 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: propegation like update
[9/2/2016 9:08:03 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: update to globally
[9/2/2016 9:08:42 AM] Drew L: a global update of what?
[9/2/2016 9:08:46 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: server sir
[9/2/2016 9:08:58 AM] Drew L: I still don’t know what you’re talking about….
[9/2/2016 9:09:22 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: i think u know i have changed ur server
[9/2/2016 9:09:35 AM] Drew L: and my server is where?
[9/2/2016 9:09:49 AM] Drew L: Were there DNS issues that were present?
[9/2/2016 9:09:56 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: the new server details are already given
[9/2/2016 9:10:14 AM] Drew L: I’m trying to understand why I’ve been wasting my time and money with you guys for so long.
[9/2/2016 9:10:24 AM] Drew L: What was the problem?
[9/2/2016 9:11:20 AM] Drew L: Why wasn’t the email going through for the last month?
[9/2/2016 9:12:27 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: sir whenever execute the process of server switching then new server will take maximum 2 hours to update globally
[9/2/2016 9:12:46 AM] Drew L: update WHAT globally?
[9/2/2016 9:13:08 AM] Drew L: be specific…. I can handle it.
[9/2/2016 9:13:25 AM] Drew L: Specifically … what was the problem?
[9/2/2016 9:13:27 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: sir i think already enough trying
[9/2/2016 9:13:56 AM] Drew L: You realize that you’re going to lose a customer?
[9/2/2016 9:14:11 AM] Drew L: Maybe that doesn’t matter to you.
[9/2/2016 9:14:25 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: i was said 2 hours maximum sir that means maximum may be start at moment
[9/2/2016 9:14:32 AM] Drew L: If you don’t know…just say so.
[9/2/2016 9:14:42 AM] Drew L: If you don’t know what the problem was, I mean.
[9/2/2016 9:15:28 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: sir ur problem was didn’t recived a mail right??
[9/2/2016 9:15:37 AM] Drew L: Just so I understand.. With these settings,. my DKIM/SPF settings are a non-factor right?
[9/2/2016 9:15:51 AM] Drew L: That was a symptom of the problem..yes.
[9/2/2016 9:16:02 AM] Drew L: non-delivery was a symptom of the problem.
[9/2/2016 9:16:27 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: yeah so to overcome this problem we can change ur server
[9/2/2016 9:17:00 AM] Drew L: Why don’t you answer my questions?
[9/2/2016 9:17:03 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: server change means change smtp server in backend’
[9/2/2016 9:17:24 AM] Drew L: okay…  Still one shared IP address?
[9/2/2016 9:17:37 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: what?
[9/2/2016 9:17:43 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: i didn’t get that
[9/2/2016 9:17:52 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: ur means
[9/2/2016 9:18:49 AM] Drew L: With the new server…. Will it be using a bank of IP addresses or only one shared one?

WIth this new fromid   – email is sent from your server, and DKIM and SPF and server reputation is all connected there.
[9/2/2016 9:18:52 AM] Drew L: Correct?
[9/2/2016 9:22:22 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: sir provided ip address only just dedicated to u not a shared and secondly all the three authentication (spf,dkim and dmarc) contains or exist  in our all servers…so not to be worried about that sir
[9/2/2016 9:23:55 AM] Drew L: Okay. That’s different. Before I was sending from my email address and was maintaining my own reputation.. (which was good)  My DKIM/SPF settings included your domain as an authorized sender.;
[9/2/2016 9:26:14 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: no problem sir u continueing with this coz its more benificial for u
[9/2/2016 9:26:57 AM] Drew L: We’ll see if the emails get through… That’s the thing that matters. I’ve paid for a couple of months of things not working.
[9/2/2016 9:37:55 AM] Drew L: FYI.. You still haven’t answered several of my questions:

1. What is your name?
2. Why were 23,000 emails backed up in queue?
3. What is sending limit?
4. Why wasn’t mail getting through?
[9/2/2016 11:59:03 AM] Drew L: FYI – initial test were good.. Got all the emails.. I’m going to run a bigger campaign..  I sill would like answers to my questions, particularly about volume capacity /speed.
[9/2/2016 11:59:13 AM] Drew L: Thank you for your effors.
[9/2/2016 12:11:48 PM] Drew L: I especially want to know why the email backed up in the queue…. As I have an important outgoing mail to send.
[9/3/2016 1:49:57 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: coz SMTP uses  FIFO method
[9/3/2016 5:55:13 AM] Drew L: What does that mean?
[9/3/2016 6:26:43 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: first in first out
[9/3/2016 6:27:12 AM] Drew L: So… What is the limit so that it doesn’t get backed up?
[9/3/2016 6:27:46 AM] Drew L: Considering I send about 5000 per day… Why would it be back up so much?
[9/3/2016 6:27:48 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: 50k per day for better performance
[9/3/2016 6:28:10 AM] Drew L: I never have approached 10,000 in a day.
[9/3/2016 6:28:36 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: yeah its a good volume
[9/3/2016 6:28:54 AM] Drew L: So.. Why did it get backed up if my volume was so low?\
[9/3/2016 6:29:17 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: previous server bandwidh is going to low
[9/3/2016 6:29:22 AM] Drew L: okay.
[9/3/2016 6:29:26 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: so thats y i have changed
[9/5/2016 8:22:46 AM] Drew L: HI.. Over the weekend… I was not getting mail out.. It was backed up.. Though it seems to have corrected itself.  Can you tell me what’s causing that?  I am not sending a lot of mail.

[9/5/2016 8:23:04 AM] Drew L: Some mail totally disappeared.. Some was delayed.
[9/5/2016 8:37:48 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: u r mistaken Mr. drew
[9/5/2016 8:38:19 AM] Drew L: I know that when I sent out 16 messages to myself and they don’t show up.
[9/5/2016 8:38:34 AM] Drew L: You’re kind of rude. dude.
[9/5/2016 8:38:52 AM] Drew L: I’m telling you what happened. .You can either listen or not.
[9/5/2016 8:38:55 AM] Drew L: Your choice.
[9/5/2016 8:39:01 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: the current status is total in :- 30160 and total out yet :- 28408 so plz tell me what more u should be fast
[9/5/2016 8:39:28 AM] Drew L: It’s working better right now… MY QUJESTION IS – WHY WASN”T IT WORKING YESTERDAY?
[9/5/2016 8:40:14 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: sir i think u can see the logs of yesterday
[9/5/2016 8:40:25 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: if u want then i will send
[9/5/2016 8:40:25 AM] Drew L: Never mind.
[9/5/2016 8:40:35 AM] Drew L: You dont’ listen.
[9/5/2016 8:41:19 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: if u will see the previous logs then clear any question of u
[9/7/2016 6:52:28 AM] Drew L: So.. I sent out 17 emails yesterday and they neve made it to my inbox…  It’s apparent that some mail gets through but the system is inconsistent and unreliable.. Why do emails sometimes disappear?
[9/7/2016 6:56:30 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: sir ur campaign is still running
[9/7/2016 6:57:35 AM] Drew L: Yes.. I get that….Try and follow my thoughts… I sent 17 emails to myself.. 17 different boxes. Yesterday afternoon.  NOT ONE GOT THROUGH..    While some mail is getting through… for some reason, mail occasionally disappears.
[9/7/2016 7:00:29 AM] Drew L: I don’t know if we’re having trouble communicating because English isn’t your native language, or you’re just difficult.   But the real issue is that I can’t count on your system.  Either you’re gong to work to fix it or you’re not.  If you are – I’ll hang with you,  If you insist on telling me that my campaign is running or that you’ll send logs showing that my campaign is running, we’re just not getting anywhere.
[9/7/2016 7:00:33 AM] Drew L:
Do you understand?
[9/7/2016 7:02:00 AM] Drew L: When I ask a question, I hope you can take the time to answer it… I repeatedly have asked you what the expected capacity of the system is… and you repeatedly have ignored my question.
[9/7/2016 7:02:51 AM] Drew L: I have asked you on multiple occasions, why the mail backs up if I’m only sending 5000 per day and you ignore my question.
[9/7/2016 7:02:59 AM] Drew L: Can you see that might be frustrating?
[9/7/2016 7:03:52 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: ok sir ask me ur major issue in one question or one line i will answer immidieatly
[9/7/2016 7:04:59 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: tell me sir?
[9/7/2016 7:05:20 AM] Drew L: 1. What is the daily capcity?
[9/7/2016 7:05:29 AM] Drew L: 2. What causes the email to back up?
[9/7/2016 7:06:10 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: anything else or finished ur query?
[9/7/2016 7:06:28 AM] Drew L: I’m waiting for those answers before overloading you.
[9/7/2016 7:06:39 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: fine now read carefully
[9/7/2016 7:06:46 AM] Drew L: Don’t be a dick
[9/7/2016 7:07:22 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: 1.  capacity is 25K in a day
[9/7/2016 7:07:46 AM] Drew L: Okay.. that’s good, but I can’t seem to approach anything close to that.
[9/7/2016 7:08:28 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: and secondly what is the exact mean of email back up can u plz explore that word ” back up”
[9/7/2016 7:09:06 AM] Drew L: Remember when there were 23,000 email in the queue?   Despite the fact that I was sending only 5000 per day.
[9/7/2016 7:09:57 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: ok so u mean to say u wanna know what is the causes of queue right?
[9/7/2016 7:10:23 AM] Drew L: What causes the email to accumulate in the queue if I’m only sending 5000/day maximum?
[9/7/2016 7:10:34 AM] Drew L: If capacity is 25k per day.
[9/7/2016 7:11:23 AM] Drew L: I’m also interested in knowing what would be different if I upgrade to a more expensive plan…
[9/7/2016 7:11:35 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: ok sir u r right let me know u
[9/7/2016 7:15:44 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: look which u r talking about on that day the server is slow coz some bandwidth or technical issues but its not happens in everyday coz u have seen in another days working and u know very well and these kind of problems somtimes could be raise  coz all re the depends on cloud base technology… i hope u understand sir
[9/7/2016 7:16:39 AM] Drew L: So.. It doesn’t seem like I can count on 5,000 per day..due to occasionaly technical difficulties.
[9/7/2016 7:18:01 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: yes sir this is only occasionally not everyday
[9/7/2016 7:18:21 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: u can shoot easily 10K per day
[9/7/2016 7:18:57 AM] Drew L: But.. I haven’t been able to send 5K per day without mail accumulating in the queue.
[9/7/2016 7:19:22 AM] Drew L: Thank you for your answsers…
[9/7/2016 7:19:38 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: ur welcome sir
[9/9/2016 1:18:44 PM] Drew L: Emails don’t seem to be getting through.. Can you check..
[9/9/2016 3:13:03 PM] Drew L: EMAILS NOT WORKING
[9/10/2016 5:24:19 AM] Drew L: I was speaking with Barry yesterday… Emails not getting through again.
[9/10/2016 5:25:03 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: ok sir let me chk
[9/10/2016 5:34:37 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: sir i m chking
[9/10/2016 5:34:43 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: on my gmail id
[9/10/2016 5:34:52 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: and its perfectly delivered
[9/10/2016 5:35:57 AM] Drew L: Numerous emails were lost yesterday.. Once I realized they weren’t getting through, I sent to my mailboxes and they never arrived…
[9/10/2016 5:36:29 AM] Drew L: I just sent another test..  the problem is that the delivery is NOT DEPENDABLE…
[9/10/2016 5:36:59 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: sir plz test now i have every record
[9/10/2016 5:37:15 AM] Drew L: I have it in the queue
[9/10/2016 5:38:04 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: ok whenever finshed ur queue then shoot again at ur test id’s
[9/10/2016 6:09:47 AM] Drew L: Looks like the test went out fine.
[9/10/2016 6:14:33 AM] Drew L: Though not all got through
[9/10/2016 6:15:30 AM] Drew L: yet.
[9/13/2016 6:04:07 AM] Drew L: Mail not going out.. Please check.
[9/13/2016 6:09:27 AM] Drew L: Never mind.. Seems like it was only delayed.. Got through.
[9/13/2016 6:25:32 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: sending fine sir
[9/13/2016 6:25:37 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: i have chked
[9/13/2016 9:39:02 AM] Drew L: Yes.. Mail is going out, but the inbox rate is very low….
[9/13/2016 9:58:48 AM] Drew L: I am gong to send the same email to the same list and compare open rates.. .05% to a good list is a waste of my time…
[9/14/2016 10:29:07 AM] Drew L: Today’s open rate is…… 0.0%  on your system… 9.7% open rate on alternate system.
I think there’s a problem…
[9/14/2016 10:29:41 AM] Drew L: Same email list.. Same subject….
[9/15/2016 6:50:57 AM] Drew L: NOT EVEN A RESPONSE???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
[9/15/2016 6:51:43 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: coz no problem from our end
[9/15/2016 9:09:06 AM] Drew L: All I can say is that I’m very dissatisfied with your service.. and especially your support.
[9/15/2016 9:09:31 AM] Drew L: No resonse necessary.
[9/15/2016 9:09:43 AM] Drew L: I meant.. No response is necessary.
[9/15/2016 9:11:25 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: no sir nothing like that
[9/15/2016 9:11:32 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: i have answerd u already
[9/15/2016 9:11:42 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: no problem from our end
[9/15/2016 9:12:04 AM] Drew L: Your answers continue to be unhelpful…  What was your name again.?
[9/15/2016 9:13:37 AM] BOL7 SUPPORT TEAM: so what can i do for u
[6:54:13 AM] Drew L: You asked what you can do… How about fix your system.
[10:06:26 AM] Drew L: As ususal.. No response…
[3:02:44 PM] Drew L: STILL NOTHING???
[3:03:32 PM] Drew L: Your service is worthless… If you don’t respond within 24 hours, I will take steps that I can.
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