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Breakthrough Adsense Profits – Hardly!!

This product was advertised as a Warrior Plus Deal of the Day.  If you’ve been paying attention, you know that means very little when you’re looking for quality products. What it means is that the product has been selling.  So, I don’t put much stock in anything that I receive from WarriorPlus, but they do have some interesting advertising and this one caught my attention.

Breakthrough Adsense ProfitsIt’s sounded pretty easy, was something I’d like to add to my marketing arsenal and since I’ve had very little success with Google Adsense, It seemed worth a look – and it was only $7 dollars. SO…. I bought it from Finger Lakes Marketing.

I was introduced to Shane Farrell and Bryan Harkins, who impressed me with their stance on value and basically doing the right thing when it comes to marketing products.  I like these guys.

They talk about good things… “Real”  ” Solid” and “long lasting”  “high quality” etc.  I think these guys have the right idea in what they’re doing.

But, I’m not too thrilled with Breakthrough Adsense Profits.  First of all, it’s not a simple system and it really doesn’t seem like it’s about “CRUSHING ADSENSE”.  In fact it’s kind of the same old thing.  Build a blog, post to it, drive traffic to it by posting in forums.  This 68 page report is actually very well done but it’s a rehash of the same old thing.

There is no magic solution here… It’s 7 bucks so I’m not all that ticked off.   There’s really nothing I can do with it though…. I wouldn’t call it a total waste of time, but I wouldn’t recommend it either.