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Buzz City Review

The point of is to advertise banners on mobile networks…

Stay away from Buzz City.. .That’s really it in a nutshell.. I ran three days of tests and can’t find a single shred of evidence that this service does anything other than run up the stats on their site.

My Test

This was actually my second dip into the Buzz City pool.  I couldn’t remember what happened the first time, so i did it again.  What an idiot, right?  I was advertising my Visibility Engine, which allows you to indentify the contact information on your website visitors.. Pretty cool, right?  Here’s a sample of the banner I used

So, I spent 40 dollars and broke it into 2 campaigns.  You can see the table below, but in a nutshell, 808 clicks to my website according to Buzzcity.

Here’s the problem.. .Not a single person visited another page on my site.. nor did they demonstrate any interest at all…

Mobile Advertising Network Results

As you can see, the CPC reported by Buzzcity was 3 cents per click… which would be peachy, if it were real vistors.  During the course of the day, the interface showed more clicks than exposures. Go figure how that happens.

Day Exposure Click CTR
2017-02-16 1 1 100.00 0.03 0.030 30.00
2017-02-15 16,458 275 1.67 8.25 0.030 0.50
2017-02-14 21,910 332 1.52 9.96 0.030 0.45
2017-02-13 33,758 200 0.59 10.00 0.050 0.30
Total 72,127 808 1.12 28.24 0.035 0.39

Stay Away

There’s no need for me to spend any more time with this mobile network advertising site.   Just avoid this site totally.  It was a total waste of money…..Not a single real customer found.  BTW.. I am really looking for a network that I can reach mobile users… Any ideas? 🙂