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Classified Commisions – Don’t Waste Your Time!!

Classified Commisions

I received an Email from the WarriorForum guys about classified advertising.  It sounded pretty good…

“…a crazy dead simple way of generating massive earnings completely on autopilot… I especially love Pages 11-14 and the powerful way to choose the right product…”

I ordered the report, skipped over the two upsells and it took about five minutes to figure out this was garbage. The ‘system’ can be boiled down to :

1. Build an autoresponder
2. Search for classified ads sites on GOOGLE.. (That’s a big secret)
3. Post classified ads.
4. Outsource if you don’t want to do it yourself.

Fortunately, their refund policy was good.  They did offer a 300% refund if you use the system and don’t get results, but I am skeptical.  There is nothing to this system that we’re not already doing.  Maybe I’ll send him a note in 90 days asking for my 300% refund.

Here’s the response I got back from Tom…  tom yevsikov <>

>> Use this and get results.

>> I’m not here to teach you anything you, I’m here to teach you what gets the results I got.

>> End of story.

This is probably the most useless thing I’ve come across in weeks.    We’re all looking for ways to generate more traffic in a cost-effective method to the stuff that works.   This isn’t one of them. I’m also not too happy with Tom’s attitude, but hey, that’s just me.  🙂

I suggested to Tom that he try marketing something that actually brings value to the purchaser… He wasn’t interested in my suggestions.