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Clear Your Vision?

Clear Your Vision20/20 vision secrets revealed…

I’ve been getting a lot of spam recently related to 20/20 vision and clearing my vision – naturally.

I like the concept, and I have the need. My son has some imbalances in his eyes and plays a lot of baseball.  Of course I want him to have perfect vision. Who doesn’t?

Discover the Weird but 100% Scientifically Proven Way to Perfect your vision to 20/20 in as Little as 2 Weeks…

Again, who wouldn’t want this?

So, I watched the video which was pretty long and drawn out. But the claims were pretty amazing so I decided to try it. There were a couple of interesting bonuses.  Of course there were some glaring trouble spots, such as the repeated use of the word learnt.   It definitely made me question the seriousness of the marketing effort.

I managed to trim the price down to $27 dollars by exiting out and having those annoying last chance popups.  Twenty seven bucks seems like a bargain to get perfect vision.  The order process was simple and I had access to my download and bonuses pretty quickly.

The Program

The PDF document is 147 pages.  But by the time I perused the table of contents it was apparent there’s a lot of background and filler.  The meat of the ‘program’ is about six pages.. I use the term meat loosely as the exercises are comprised of things like, relaxation exercises, positive affirmations, breathing,   There are two simple exercises included that I’ve been doing for 30 years after a visit to a neighborhood opthalmologist when i was in high school.

Of course, I was disappointed, because it was nothing new to me. In fact, the system was developed in the 19th century!  To be fair, it worked for me when I was a kid, though there were a couple of additional tools and techniques that I did. It’s difficult to say what really worked for me.


If you want to learn about the mechanics of the eye and the diseases and nutrition that affects vision, there are a lot of good things in the document. I suspect you can find these all over the internet. If you’re looking for a magical formula for correcting vision, I doubt this is complete though there are some good words. For $27 bucks, I thought it was reasonable value.   I am kind of lukewarm on this deal but my enthusiasm probably stems from my success with the exercises when I was a kid rather than as specified in this document.