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Coffee Shop Millionaire

Who wouldn’t want to make a fabulous income while traveling around and working here and there at coffee shops? Even if this isn’t appealing to you, doing the same thing at home has to sound good too, right?

Well it did for me!

Personally, I liked the idea but realize I couldn’t be traveling around too much with a 10 year old son at home. But.. figured it’s worth trying!

Admittedly, the Coffee Shop Millionaire advertising is kind of cliche. Fabulous clickbank screenshots, ending soon, bonuses to keep, super discount from $4997 that it’s worth. By now, you probably are as annoyed as me when it comes to this baloney. But.. It seemed like it wasn’t going to take a lot of time to test. And it did come with the 60-day iron-clad money back guarantee. Let’s go.

Oh.. no. The upsell parade begins.. I did the first one. 10 cash-sucking campagins for just $147. Hey, he has an “auditorium sized room full of success stories”. This was followed up by a personal tutoring offer for $197. And.. just looked – the original $37 charge is a monthly charge, which was never mentioned. This is not looking good. Followed by hosting plan that you have to buy.

Thirty minutes into a program advertised to take only a few minutes to be up and running and I realized this is the worst of internet marketing all gathered in one package. I’m sure Mrs. Trister would embarrassed by what her son Anthony is doing here.

Please avoid this crap.

** In an attempt to be totally fair.. I have spent considerable time on their website and it’s changed my opinion somewhat… If you’re a newbie, and you’re willing to put in a lot of time, then this might be useful for you. They do lay out a workable blue print for building a business but.. It’s nothing remarkable except a clear path to a lot of hard work that should be successful if you maintain the course. Don’t get the idea you’ll be up and running in 30 minutes as advertised! It’s a long slow process but seems fundamentally sound.

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