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Content Constructor Review – Skip This

Content Constructor Review
Andy Black’s Content Constructor Review – suggests you spend your money elsewhere.

Content Constructor Review

My company currently manages over 200 websites. Some are business websites and some are blogs of varying degrees of complexity.  We’re always looking for content.  Cost effective, quality content is expensive.  Considering that, you can understand why this product caught my attention.   I admit that I was skeptical as I’ve tried automatic content creators before with no luck.

This product was sent to me by Ankur Shukla whose name sounds familiar, but I don’t remember doing business with business with him before.

Content Constructor Claims

Now you can create Unlimited Articles – 100% readable in just minutes.

No more writing 100s and 1000s of words manually.

No more spinning content – thats old stuff.

No more paying freelancers and writers for content.

Not Worthy of Detailed Review

Here are some of the sententences pulled from my first run through of the software.  It took about 10 minutes to gather these tidbits that I am supposed to assemble into a coherent article about Donald Trump, the Republican party and the 2016 Presidential election.

Donald Trump often wears his neckties well below his waist.

495051Donald Trump often says things that are untrue, but they fire up the faithful (latimes.

Donald Trump often spends the holidays at his residence at Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach.

(“Donald Trump often says things that stretch the truth, but.

“Why is Donald Trump often in the news?

top news Donald Trump often says things that are untrue, but they fire up the faithful update daily.

It gave them an early advantage against on ground retail outlets, the kind Donald Trump often has in his buildings, who do pay local sales taxes.

Kurtis Lee Donald Trump often says things that stretch the truth, so why does it fire up the faithful?

Donald Trump often brags about not spending any money on campaign ads, but that is about to change.

Donald Trump often says things that are untrue, but they fire up the faithful from latimes.

Donald Trump often says things that are untrue, but they fire up the faithful lat.

Carnival barkers such as Donald Trump often draw the dull and ignorant to the table of anti-diversity.

Donald Trump Often Says Things That Stretch The Truth But, trump seriously on the trail with the gops tough guy, rolling stone goes on the trail with gop tough guy donald trump and finds a serious candidate in it for the long haul.

Donald Trump often takes the opportunities to blame the opposition or the ruling party for various acts.

Donald Trump often says things that are untrue, but they fire up the faithful from chicagotribune.

Donald Trump often claims he is adored by Hispanic voters, but a new survey of eligible voters in the coveted demographic strongly challenges that narrative.

Donald Trump often appears on Fox News and a fox often appears on his head and Donald Trump likes to say hes a friend to the blacks.

Donald Trump often says that he does not get enough credit for self-funding his presidential campaign.

Why is Donald Trump often cited as “more authentic” while Hilary Clinton is often thought to be “less trustworthy”?

The Republican Party is generally associated with social conservative policies, although it does have dissenting centrist and libertarian factions.

Hodges that ended bans on same-sex marriage nationwide, the Republican Party is divided as to whether to accept the ruling or to fight it by measures such as a possible amendment to the Constitution.

The Republican Party is now Americas largest hate group – Salon.

The Republican Party is dead but lives on as a two-headed zombie.

The Republican Party is dead, according to Michael Moore.

As we all know, the Republican Party is a small tent organization that doesnt exactly welcome diversity.

When asked if Trump has a lot of support in his home state of Michigan, Moore explained why the Republican Party is dead.

Now, unless you have a time out on immigration and even for a long period, I think the Republican Party is under a sentence of death.

The old conservative tradition in the Republican Party is based on opposition to the New Deal, especially as developed by Robert A.

Listen, the Republican party is fucked.

The symbol of the Republican party is the elephant.

The Republican Party is not the same political party as the Democratic-Republican Party.

The Republican Party is based in Washington, D.

The republican party is getting shellacked next year.

But the 2016 election is more likely to show how America feels about one woman than the state of women overall.

The many, many things the 2016 election is about according to the candidates – The Washington Post window.

Resize Text Print Article Comments By Barton Swaim November 8 Presidential candidates including Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, Marco Rubio, HIllary Clinton and Bernie Sanders discuss what the 2016 election is about.

5k Views Upvoted by Carter Moore, American, former Congressional aide and Federal employeeThe

Republicans can cross their fingers that the 2016 election is similar to 2004, when turnout was higher among white voters and conservatives and lower among people of color.

The date of the 2016 election is Nov.

And yet, at the same time, the story of the 2016 election is also deeply tied to demographics.

The 2016 election is shaping up to be a battle between the establishment and the outsiders.


While there is some truth to this claim, the 2016 election is actually one that, at this point, looks eminently winnable for the GOP.

The League of Women Voters is the only organization with the expertise and grassroots network to make sure that the 2016 election is decided by the voters, not deep-pocketed special interests.

I challenge you

I challenge you to construct an article from this gibberish. It took me 20 minutes to figure out that this software was total garbage. At least half the time was spent laughing at the junk produced by this software.   Just to be clear.. Avoid Andy Black’s Content Constructor.

Refund was Fast!

My refund request was handled expeditiously and politely.  No hassles and I after my exchanges with Content Constructor’s customer service I would certainly consider other products by Andy Black and Black Web Solutions.  It’s truly no-risk with these folks as they stand by the guarantee they posted in their advertising.  In fact, I am considering their Social Link Machine 2.0 which was a product offered during my purchase of Content Constructor.  Unlike the folks at Southwest Digital  and  anything by Anne-Marie Ronsen.