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Eden Biodome Revolution

Eden Biodome Revolution

Friday…   This one was a reader suggestion… We added this to our shoping list and downloaded the 100 page book in minutes. Of course, it’s backed with the usual sixty day money back guarantee… But. We’ll take a look and let you know…

Day Two… I read through the 100 pages. Kacper correctly admitted that this wasn’t a polished work. He didn’t take the time to make it perfect.. I am okay with that. A few misspellings and typos certainly don’t interfere with his ideas.

THe book itself is filled with Kacper’s philosophies and outlook. I admit that I am truly cut from the same cloth and agree with his frustration and aggravation with the way things are being run and where things are headed.. Though it was seemed out of place, or at least unnecessary for a book about a biodome. If I bought the book, I already see the need!

I thought the book was interesting but incomplete. I’m not convinced I could build the dome structure based on only this manual. Furthermore the book was only about the basic structure and didn’t include info on the doors, windows or setting up the inside.

Kacper seems like a passionate guy and I watched his live webinar last night. I feel like I know him a bit. I really regretted asking for my money back but I felt that I couldn’t build the biodome using only this manual….

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