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Fed Up With Adsense – and Google in General!

Don’t waste your time with Google Adsense. They are unreasonable people.

I have read many many stories where seemingly intelligent people get their accounts banned from Google with substantial amounts of money owed by Google. Many people are claiming that they know of no good reason why their accounts were flagged.  Of course I was skeptical…

After three attempts to get an adsense account up and running and having each one banned afer only a few days, I’ve had it with Google.   The last account was set up, installed here and it was totally ignored for a week. I am involved in several other projects and this was a low priority.

Nothing I did could have possibly caused the account to be flagged. There wasn’t a lot of money earned so I’m not upset about that part of it, but I wasted my time setting up the account and adding the code to my site.. It is frustrating to have it shut down so abruptly without explanation.. Of course, Google is totally unresponsive and they are certainly not worth my time any longer.

As my silent little protest, which will have no impact on Google’s balance sheet, I have also removed Google Chrome from all office computers and will stop using my gmail accounts and every other thing that I can think of that is associated with Google.  They are not on my Christmas card list either.

BTW.. I have a small interest in a big lawsuit where Google is the defendant in an action that alleges that they stole “GMAIL” both the name and the concept from a small business.. But that story is for another day!   This is one company that has gotten so big that they will steamroll the little guy at every opportunity.