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Fire Reply – Autoresponder that Doesn’t Respond

firereplyI wanted to like Firereply.  I needed an autoresponder that could follow up a new contact and actually get to the potential new customer’s inbox.

These things were promised in the advertising…

They have a three day free trial – so there was no risk other than my time…


What a shocker.. It didn’t run nearly as smoothly as I’d hoped. The interface was easy, but had trouble importing my leads.  After several attempts, I did manage to import 2000 leads along wtih name, email, IP address and timestamp.   I uploaded my HTML ad easily and sent myself a test for review.

It never came.. I tried a few different email addresses but no test ever arrived.  So, I figured I’d send out my message regardless. I seeded the list with 20 email addresses.

No Email Got Through.   Zero for Twenty!

I sent out 1030 emails.  More accurately, FireReply reported that I sent out 1030 emails. There were zero opens and no evidence that any email actually was delivered.  I also checked and none of the 20 seed addresses received any mail.

No Customer Service

I sent two emails to customer service.. No response yet and the three day trial has expired.


A waste of time and energy, which is a shame because advertising describes a product that I need!