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FlagProofer – The Whack-a-mole of Craigslist

FlagProoferFlagproofer’s advertisment grabbed my attention as I’ve been having difficulty keeping ads live when posting on Craigslist.  This is particularly true in some highly competitive niches, such as financial services and small business services.

Flagproofer claimed it “keeps your ads live no matter how bad the flagging gets”.

First let’s talk about how the software works.  After you post your ad in CL, you enter the ad management URL into an instance of Flagproofer. Set a couple of things and then run the program.

Flagproofer’s strategy is much like the whack-a-mole game.  Your ad is immediately deleted and then pops up occasionally. making it a difficult target for the flaggers intent upon smashing your mole/advertisement into oblivion.

The settings on Flagproofer determine how much of the time that your ad is displayed and how much it is hidden.  Remember, when it’s hidden, it’s not doing you any good.

I had a few communications with Jerry, who’s one of the creators, and frankly, he has a bit of an attitude.  He charges quite a bit for this relatively simple and unpolished little script. I’m not impressed with the elegance of the program, the effectiveness of his strategy nor his customer service.

The bottom line…

The script works pretty much as described but the strategy is ineffective.   I was able to keep some ads ‘live’, but that’s a little misleading as those ads were hidden most of the time. Very few of the ads that Flagproofer kept from getting whacked delivered actual leads.  And that is the point.     Depending upon how much value you place on leads, you need to generate quite a few to pay Flagproofer’s monthly fee.   It’s definitely not cost effective for the products I’m selling.

The software does not keep your ad live no matter how bad the flagging gets. In fact, by using the program, you guarantee that your ad is effectively useless for a significant period of time.   Additionally, Flagproofer is dependent upon CL’s rule that your ad can be “undeleted” during the first 48 hours.  At the end of that time, Flagproofer is useless.   Of course, these are not good selling points and have been omitted from Flagproofer advertisements.

Flagproofer is hardly a robust program. If your computer reboots, all instances of flagproofer are deleted leaving your ads in limbo. They may be in the deleted mode, or they could be left live, which means they’ll be whacked by the flaggers as usual. In either case, you have to go back to the managerment URL and restart flagproofer for all your ads..

So..   Overall, I’d say that Jerry delivers a product that is overpriced, and not nearly as effective as advertised and he provides lousy customer service when things go wrong.