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Free Funding Forever

free funding foreverThere was a lot to like in this advertisement for free funding! Great guarantee and i don’t think I’ve ever seen this marketer before, Peter Douglass, which I took as a good thing.   I’m thinking the double your money back guarantee was as close to a sure bet as I’ve seen lately.

Immediate Upsell.…. What a shocker…  I was immediately offered an upgrade to the $94 dollar version. More sources.   I declined. I couldn’t tell if the double your money guarantee applied to the extra fee, so I assumed it isn’t.  I went forward with the regular version.

Day one…. I received the two ebooks which were in PDF format. The process was fast and simple.  My order date is 9/12/13  so that makes my 147 day refund date:  2/6/14. This is important… In the details of the refund policy, you have to use one particular funding source and you must apply for refund within 48 hours of the end of 147 day period.

Info from my receipt:’  I received two PDF files. The first, entitled “How to Get As Much Money As You Need” was 68 pages.

Black Orchid Holdings Inc

It didn’t take long to read the 68 pages.  Basically the nugget of information that I paid $37 dollars for was… shhhhh….   CROWD FUNDING.     Wow… To say I’m disappointed would be a huge understatement, but it does list numerous websites to try it out on. It also has  few common sense nuggets, such as use social media to promote your crowd funding.  I’m pretty sure I could have googled the same information in less time than it took to pay this vendor using  PayPal.

I also received a PDF which was titled “Funding List”.  I’m pretty sure this was supposed to be the additional information provided to those that purchased the upgrade..(which I didn’t)  I’m not sure why this was included but it certainly wasn’t worth the extra charge. It does include 450 sources, which are grouped by project type.

So.. In less than an hour, I have digested the material presented and now have to choose between the immediate refund or the double your money back guarantee in February.    I do have a project that I’d like to fund, so I’m going to attempt using a couple of the websites listed and make this decision a little later… (stay tuned!)

After reading the details of the refund policy… I decided that the 48 hour window for the refund, in February, was a little too narrow to hit.  I was probably going to forget to apply and therefore they would no longer be obligated to refund the money if the project failed. It also required that one particular source must be used and I’m unsure that source is appropriate for my project.   I’m leaning towards the immediate refund.

** Note   Refund received… That part was easy!