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Free Phone Tracer

tracerI’m sure you’ve seen these services advertised… Offering to find owner information on any phone number.  They offered a one time $0.95 charge with a 7 day free  trial.

** AUTOMATICALLY RENEWS at regular monthly rate of 19.95.  It’s possible to miss this, but it’s there if you’re paying attention.

Here’s my welcome letter

Welcome to Free Phone Tracer!


You’ve just discovered the way to trace any cell or landline phone number quickly and easily! With Free Phone Tracer, you can search by phone or by name!

My first test should have been enough. I ran my own numbers and couldn’t be found.   Realizing that I’ve had the same phone number for 8 years, and have done nothing to be discreet about my information, I could have ended right there . But, I continued on with my test.

Forget about finding owner information on any cell phone numbers. I batted .000 on cell phone lookups. There is an upsell for the Tracer Reports that purports to provide that information.    It worked out to about 3.00 per lookup, which is quite expensive.

I also did email lookups of my email addresses. I have numerous yet their system found none of them.  I did look up my first email address, used back in the 1990’s and it did link it to me.. That ISP has been out of business for about 10 years though.

SUMMARY – Save your money.  The information they can find, is available without paying anything.