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Hitleap – Traffic Exchange Review

Hitleap Traffic Exchange Review

I’m assuming you’re already familiar with traffic exchanges.  What makes Hitleap a little different than the ones I’ve used previously is that it comes with an auto-surfer.   You set it, forget it, and it earns you page views.

Unfortunately, it ensures that your web pages are not actually being viewed by anybody that cares about seeing your website. Your web page gets displayed on some viewer that nobody is watching.  This makes the benefits very limited.

Limited Benefit

If your goal is to improve your site authority by increasing page views, there may be some benefit, though I’m sure that you need to upgrade to the premium version to maximize the benefit.

The premium version allows you to control where it appears that your traffic is coming from. If your goal is to make it seem that you’re getting lots of social media traffic, this might be for you.


But it is Free!

I linked to a review I found on Youttube, because I think it’s a very fair assessment of Hitleap’s traffic exchange. And I agree with most all she says.   Rather than reinvent the wheel, I thought I’d share.


My overall quick review is that this is okay if you’re not seeking real traffic. If real traffic is your goal…. it’s just not that easy!!