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Luck League? You’re Out of Luck!

Luck LeagueChris Luck’s been making money on the internet since 1999.  He’s grossed over 25 Million dollars and helped over 255,000 other entrepreneurs achieve success.

These are all claims by Chris is his video.

I signed up for the 1 dollar 3-day trial to look around. Don’t forget, there’s a $37 dollars per month charge that kicks in at the end of the free trial.   There are a couple of other options including a one-time fee of $777 for a lifetime membership. That seemed ridiculous to me as I’d have to stay a member for more than 21 months to make it a cost effective purchase.

What’s the chance of that… If he’s as good as he says he is, I should have banked enough cash to quit.  If he’s no good, why would I stay that long?

100,000 Visitors in 1 Hour

This was the first training video that  I watched… This was not earth shattering.. Chris went on and on about interstitial advertising, general run of network advertising.  He got leads for about .06 per lead, which is good but I question the real value of these leads as they are world wide.  About as generic as it gets.. I’m going to run a test.

Unfortunately, this method takes up to 72 hours to get approved…It actually was much less, but the traffic source turned out to be pretty useless on the first 40,000 of visitors.


Okay.. At this point, I’ve perused all the videos, the rolodex and the podcasts. These are the areas of the site that you’re paying for.  I just don’t see anything of value worth 37 or 99 dollars per month.  Both in quantity and quality, this site is a disappointment.

I can’t find the cancel account feature so I submitted a support request.