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Mack Michaels –

PaidSocialmediajobsI’ve seen Mack Michaels stuff for a while… I’ve got emails from him going back to 2012 promoting, robots, web traffic, Push Button Income App, etc.

But this new thing changed his life and he wants to show me so that I can do the same.. I couldn’t resist checking it out!  $47 dollars and the basic 60 day guarantee.

Make money posting things on social media.  I am curious, so I signed up.

UPSELL #1  – This is what the highest earning members are doing… Pay more. Lots of fluff. “This information is a secret”
“We never show this to the public”, etc.  This seems to be outsourcing of the work and pay less than you charge.   This is hardly an earth shattering concept. I’m skipping this one!

The good news was, only one upsell to get through and my login information arrived nearly instantly. I’m headed to the member’s area.

There are two basic courses of action you can pursue. Social Media jobs, and Social Media Affiiliate. I’m going for the Social Media Jobs, because that’s what initially captured my interest.


  • Go Through Training Modules
  • Create Online Resume
  • Start Finding Jobs
  • Check out bonuses

That’s the overview of the process… On to the first training module.

“…once you complete our full length training program, finding work will be easy. There are literally millions of business owners desperate to find social media managers…”   Who wouldn’t be excited by that opportunity, right?  

Basically the entire 30 minute first training video is about convincing me that business need a social media manager.  No meat yet.

Training Module 2

Setting up profiles and obtaining followers.  This module is all general information without any real specifics. Pretty much a waste of time for anyone who’s heard of the world wide web before this video.

Training Module 3

More of the same sales pitch without any training.  Repeatedly, the point is that businesses need social media managers and there aren’t enough people doing this work.

On to the Advanced Training!    I thought I was already there, but apparently now is when the real meat is served… We shall see. 🙂

OMG.. (I rarely type in license plate shorthand, please excuse me!)   The advanced training seems to be more of the same. Lots of fluff and little filler. One of the things that really interested me was the ‘jobs’ database.  I envisioned a system where you sign in, pick a job and do it.  I would then get paid for my task completion.   Well, here’s the jobs database:


If this excites or educates you, then perhaps I’m missing the boat.  There is hardly a jobs database. It’s a list of websites where you can possibly find work!

I’m done… Time to cancel and get my money back.


This program may be good for a complete rookie who’s looking for some truly basic guidance about what the social media options. For example, if you really need help setting up a Pinterest account, this is for you. If you can follow basic directions, you probably don’t need this.