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Millionaire Society – Get Paid For Life! HA!

Millionaire Society – Get Paid For Life!

If you want to spend a lot of money!

I have been looking for good traffic sources and this ad promised that it took only minutes to set up, was quality traffic and I could get as much as I wanted. He went on to repeat many marketing cliches, such as “traffic is everything”. and “I hate the gurus who…” .

Matt’s video was compelling so I thought I’d give it a shot. It was a Clickbank product so I knew the risk was minimal.   After enduring the painful upsells, I got to my desired product.  What I found out during the order process was that Matt was actually selling membership to his website, where he would regularly provide you with access to his videos and new “secrets”.

Let me save you the time.. His secret method, that you can only learn by buying his program is… wait for it……..   BUY TRAFFIC at

Really. That’s pretty much it and enough for me to cancel my monthly subscription and get my money back. I feel like I only wasted an hour reviewing his materials – and I vented my anger by writing this review…

On a positive note.. There weren’t a lot of misspellings in his material!