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Automated Email System

This was an offer I received from my membership.   I liked the fact that there was zero cash required to get started.   And they also promised 1000 subscribers per week.  That’s worth something!  The offer was from Bobby B., who I don’t know anything about…

myemailmentor2RED  FLAG NUMBER 1

The first thing you have to do is sign up for Email Response Pro. This requires 10 dollars which covers the 10 day trial with automatic billing at 47 dollars per month. Hardly “Free”!

Now.. The numbers don’t work… I got 613 email subscribers and I successfully imported them into the system. This part was easy, though I was already familiar with the software being used on the website.  Remember, I get 20 cents for each click… My monthly cost is 47 dollars and I get 4000 subscribers for the month.   That means, I would have to have a click rate of about 6% just to break even… And who wants to just break even!

If everybody on my list, clicked on a link, I would generate 800 dollars in a month.. That’s just not realistic…. 🙂

DAY 1 –  I have started generating clicks..I’m up to 2.20 cents…Which is more than the daily cost of the system.  But, you can only add leads to the system once per week, so it’s unlikely that I’ll generate much more during my first week… I’ll keep updating!    After about 24 hours, My counter is up to 12.60.

June 25 is a big day, as the first day that this system is scheduled to start payouts. We’ll see if anyone gets paid then.


Let’s talk about the 100 dollar guarantee.. I was given the 100 dollar commission for signing up.  But, the fine print gets you every time!   You have to reach a 400 dollar threshold in order to get paid. I am starting to wonder if anyone ever gets paid.


I am very skeptical… With 613 email addresses I have generated 68 clicks.. That’s about an 11% clck rate, which is pretty spectacular, yet when I view the email addresses themselves, there are many that look hokey.  I am difficulty accepting that these are real.

As of day 2, I am going to ride along until approaching the 10 day trial period expiration.


I don’t believe this product.   But here’s one good thing, the refund was nearly instantaneous.   It was easy, and I recieved confirmation in minutes.