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No Risk Telecommunications Franchise!


June 2015 – This was a good thing while it lasted.  The folks at and Long Island Telecom Group are no longer taking on new dealers.  I spoke with Dave and it seems that T-Mobile has squashed their plan with a lawsuit they couldn’t afford to fight. 

Wow.. This opportunity blew me away…

You can have your own turnkey telecom franchise for $5000 and Your investment is guaranteed.

Once you purchase this franchise you have access to an unbelievable business. You can provide cell service, home phone service, MiFi service and even satellite TV service.  A moderate investment and a big business opportunity.

I was especially wowed by the double your investment plan.  Your business is worth over 11,000 dollars once you’re set up!  Not bad for a five thousand dollar franchise fee.

This sounds great to me… and I’m going to be pursuing it over the next couple of weeks. Let me know your thoughts!

PS.. I signed up at    So far, I’ve received a few interesting emails from them, with details on setting up my own store.