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Looking for Phone Numbers for Craigslist?

A key tool in successful posting on CL is having phone verified accounts. In order to do that you have to have the right kind of phone numbers. CL tries to make sure you’re using a US based land line. I’m sure their goal is to minimize spamming of their pages.

Internet marketers continue to search for ways to get their ads posted on CL.  There is value posting on CL due to their traffic volume and also their low posting price. The battle rages daily between CL and marketers and marketers against other marketers.  Having phone verified accounts on CL is helpful.

I suggest you keep on looking for numbers to use with CL rather than fall prey to prices and advertised services.  I recently ordered five new numbers. The were very slow to provide the numbers and when I tested them only one actually worked.

It took several days before customer service responded and fixed the problem.  After that, things seemed to be moving along smoothly until I noticed a drop off in my daily leads. Investigation revealed that my phone numbers were no longer actually forwarding my calls to my business phone. My posted ads were useless!

Again… customer service was very slow to respond and when they did, it seemed that they didn’t bother to read my trouble ticket information. They asked a very obvious question and disappeared again. I am currently waiting for customer service to fix the problem.

Meanwhile.. I am also looking for a new provider for phone numbers I can use to verify accounts.

** Good News!!  I found a new source of these numbers. I’ve tested them for a couple of months and they are reliable. Here’s the contact information… I will write a new post later.

Mireyda Smyth
(562) 200.9597
Operations Manager