Categories marketing Skip This and Save $600 Dollars

Signed up for this one yesterday. At 49.95 per month it is certainly not cheap but the idea of getting unlimited ads free was appealing.  There were some exciting words in the video, with incredible screen shots of clicbank account totals.

I did it….  Mostly because I felt that I had lots of good ideas to promote and a system of getting things out there free is exactly what I needed.

Video advertisement was polished. Wearing a couple different Ralph Lauren polo shirts, the actor in the video was compelling and the well edited video was appealing. Unfortunately after I bought the product I had to go through several painful levels of upsells, which basically dissed my initial purchase as being inadequate.  The only way to truly make this system work was to buy these various upsells.. Which were expensive!!

First real problem was that I never received the confirmation email and the vendor uses CCBill for it’s credit card processing.   This factor made cancellation, which was totally necessary, a pain in the butt.  I did finally manage to get it cancelled but it required a ten minute wait on hold and then another ten minutes with the customer service representative..  I think that’s way too long.

My conclusion is that this program is a total waste of time.. I don’t believe the screen shots, the claims or the actor,   After another day of research, I got  into the program and my initial impressions were confirmed.

Here’s their big secret:  REVENUE SHARING.  Seriously, their top secret plan that costs almost 50 bucks per month is find keywords, search Google, Yahoo and Bing with their scraping tool to find targeted websites and then send the sites with substantial traffic a form letter offering a revenue share split for your targeted ad.

After listening carefully, it seems as if the guy doing the video, “Mike”, hasn’t actually done this, it’s just what he thinks will happen if you send this form letter to enough sites.  He swears you’ll be suprised by how many phone calls you get!

Avoid this program at all costs!!  You now know the plan and you saved six hundered dollars over the next year…