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Pain, Pain, & More Pain

There’s a couple of things I’ve ordered today that I’m going to try. You can follow along and you may find something worthwhile to try yourself… Some background is necessary.

I have had a serious achilles problem for several years. It’s not ruptured but it’s very tight and prevents me from running most of the time. I play a lot of baseball and fortunately for me, my league rules allow for a courtesy runner after reaching base.  Usually if I’m taking it easy, I can get through a few innings pitching before it tightens up to the point that I can’t make a normal pitching motion.

If you look at my heel, you will see a large bump.  I recently had an ultrasound examination and PRP treatment. There’s obvious scarring and lots of micro tears, is what I believe the doctor described.. BTW.. The PRP treatment helped a lot but it’s expensive and it seems I set my progress back by playing on it too early. But, that’s an entirely different problem…

So.. Today I ordered two products that I’m going to try..

  • Frequency specific microcurrent device – This treatment is reported to aid healing by dramatically increasing circulation in the damage area.
  • Soothanol  X2 – which deliveres a combination of natural relief using a topical creme.

So stay tuned and lets see what happens!

12/30 Update… Soothanol X2 seems to help… a little on some things. It has no impact on my heel pain. But, one time I used it on a sore shoulder and it provided temporary relief. I wouldn’t buy it again. But I like the smell…

As for the microcurrent device – This seems to be working!     I have had pain in my heel for several years when walking.   Running was completely out of the question, as even walking was like being poked with a sharp stick with every step.

I am making progress. My heel feels much better and I can walk without any pain whatsoever.  I still can’t run, but I feel like it’s close. I’m going to keep using it on a daily basis and see if the pain continues to subside. I think there’s some real healing going on in my heel….