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Profit Spotlight – Free Software worth every penny.

I received the following spam from Mike Taylor at :

These guys had a ninja little piece of software designed that
shows you exactly where the most profitable products on Amazon are.

They’re giving it away 100% for FREE for a limited time.

Click here for a FREE lifetime pass for you

Have Fun Using the “Spotlight”,

— Mike

P.S. I’ve heard they’re pulling it off the shelves soon. So hurry and grab your copy before it’s too late.

I was curious… And since it was free, I thought I’d take a peek.  I created a new email address, so I could see if they were going to spam my address, and signed up.  Immediately, I received a link to the new software, which really is just a website URL that allows you to search by category and see what products have been selling on

Free Software worth every pennyI did a search on electronics and got the list above. As you can see, you get estimated daily sales and volume for the most sold electronics on Amazon. I’ve no idea if this is accurate data, but it did list some interesting products and when you click on the product you can buy them!

I assume that’s the point of this ‘free software’ that isn’t really software.


It was interesting to see the relative dollar amounts in the different categories, which could provide some useful information regarding what kind of products might be worth selling.  But there’s nothing special here and I’m sure this is primarily a sales tool for Mike.    It was interesting but not sophisticated enough to be useful.