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Get Paid to Read News! This SEEMED Worthwhile.

CAUTION FLAGThe jury is still offically out on this one but it doesn’t look good… Jump in at your own risk . There is no investment, but it does take a bit of your time.   At least don’t spend the money yet!

UPDATE – is a fraud
Don’t expect to get paid.

Read News and get paidI just signed up for questofnews.   They claim they will pay you for reading news articles. I read 10 articles in about 10 minutes and was credited 70 dollars to my account.

That certainly seems like a good use of my time!  Get paid to read news. I like the concept.

It cost absolutely nothing to get started and I was up and running in about 60 seconds. (you can too by signing up here.

I calculate that at about 420 dollars per hour which is okay.


I don’t really know yet… There were only ten articles available to read today, so I couldn’t make more money, but if all goes as expected, I can get to the payment threshold of $1400 dollars in about 3 weeks.  That would be certainly worth my time.   That time will be much shorter as they change news stories several times during the day.

As for the new articles themselves, they were short, offbeat  and mildly interesting.  It was not torturous to read the articles.  My only concern is that I have to wait 21 days to find out if this company i truly legit.

If you want to try it.. Go here: READTHENEWS

PS. If you try it, I would like to hear your feedback.

** FIRST RED FLAG – I have sent a few emails to customer service in an attempt to speak with someone live. So far, no one has managed to reply… I’m concerned. I did rack up about 200 dollars in day one due to a referral signup… It would be cool if the company actually is legit. 🙂  I am skeptical.

24 hours – I haven’t been able to find a single person who’s gotten paid.  I’ve got 311 dollars in my account but I think this isn’t looking too good.  Domain was registered in Russia and I can’t reach a live person with the company.  It was too good to be true – and it looks like it isn’t!


48 hours – There’s over 800 dollars in my account but ran into a couple more problems.. My referral link was blocked for a few hours on Wednesday.  It seems to be working again without any effort on my part but it is definitely cause for concern.  There is a policy against spamming the referral link, which I don’t believe I violated by sending it to a few thousand folks who are on my ListManiac mailing list. There was no communication from questofnews, which is also disturbing.


72 hours – I surpassed the 1400 dollar threshold in about 3 days… I submitted payment and now I’m waiting to see if get’s processed.  The site has gotten progressively slower and slower. It’s symptomatic of an overloaded site.  I am not going to be worrying about it until I see what happens with this payment.

Read News and get paidWe Shall see!

Saturday morning update….After 4 days, I’ve ‘earned’ about 2000 dollars. No money has reached my paypal account yet, but it is ‘in process’ according to the website… Here’s what I think is going on .  I believe this is a scam where the website owner has ads delivered as user views news articles.  By this point, I’ve been responsible  for 400 plus ad views and I’ve clicked a few ads that did seem interesting.    So.. I’m sure that I’ve earned a few dollars for the website owner.  I don’t really expect to be paid for reading news articles because as far as I can tell, there’s no benefit to anybody for me reading these news snippets – except the ads that I just mentioned.

I will modify this immediately if I get paid within the next 13 days.  BTW.. I still haven’t found anyone who has actually gotten paid for reading these news articles!

BOTTOM LINE – AVOID .. Let’s face it… Nobody is going to pay you 10 dollars to read a headline of a news article. I’m sure these folks are scammers… AVOID AVOID AVOID

And for those of you who care… Here’s the owner’s info:

Name: Frolov Vitaliy
Address: drovoed st. 17 flat 6,
Khabarovskiy kray,
Phone: +7214212145

14 day update… No payments received… No response from company.  This was a total waste of time.