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We don’t give the Seal of Approval out Casually. If a product gets listed here, we have thoroughly tested and use it.  We believe in it strongly and will defend its merits and benefits.   There are good products that we use that we don’t list here.  Only our favorites

Ubot Studio

We use this tool for lots of web automation tasks..  Some of these tasks:

  • Download leads from FTP sites
  • Upload new pages to various web sites
  • Send leads to our auto responders
  • Check stats on various websites
  • Scrape web pages

That’s just off the top of my head… We use this program daily.  (BTW.. We have no financial interest or affiliation to Ubot Studio. We just like and use the product)

IMP 106

Internet Marketing Pro 106  – I’m not sure if this is still available, but if you can find a copy, scoop it up if you post ads on Craigslist.  It uses a private network of proxies and allows you to post easily in about 50 cities.  Very very cool.


This autorepsonder works great.  I don’t think I have had a single problem with this program since it was first installed. I now have it on three different severs and it handles lots of marketing without a hiccup.   It can be installed on your hosted server in a matter of minutes.



Hostgator is my number one choice when it comes to hosting.. The only reason all our sites aren’t hosted with them, is that I haven’t had time to move them!!

EMail Lists

We’ve used this source for years. Great pricing and you can get very targeted lists. - Industry leaders since 2002

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