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Retargeting Cloud – Cool but Way Overpriced

Not Your Father’s Retargeting Platform

Retargeting Cloud takes this to a new level
Retargeting Cloud takes this old method to another level

Traditional retargeting has been around for 5+ years, by my estimate.  If someone visits your website, or any website where you can add your code, a cookie is placed on their computer that allows them to receive your ads when they visit a site that displays ads from a participating ad network. (The ad network reads your cookie and displays appropriate ads)

The idea is that user sees your advertisement, clicks on your banner and returns to your website.  It’s been a cost effective method, as compared to other forms of banner advertising.

Retargeting Cloud Takes This Technique to the Next Level

What’s special about RC is that they can target websites that you don’t own and this platform also has the ability to target users who search on your specified keywords.   Think about that…

The first thing you need to understand is that the sites that you target must be using one of the three ad networks connected to Retartgeting Clouds’ platform.  This includes Google ad network, so that means that any site that displays Google Adsense is a realistic target to build your office.  This is exciting.

The Results

I’ve been a paid member of the Retargeting Cloud platform since February 2016.  About four months.  I’ve paid a total of about 2500 dollars to use the platform and I’ve tried it on a number of different projects. ( weight loss, biz opp seekers, LED lighting, & boaters)  So far, I’ve gotten 58 clicks.  Yeah, that’s pretty miserable.  About 43 dollars per click.    There are some really good reasons that it’s so high, but as you can see it’s been a huge waste of money for me.  There are some mitigating facts though.

  1. $1497 to get started means that over time, as this is spread out over my work, the impact diminishes.
  2. $297 a month membership is steep.  For a small shop like mine we could probably spread that out over a few clients and it would be negligible.
  3. The training that’s included is pretty good – especially if you’re not a natural born salesperson.
  4. The support team (Steve) is pretty responsive, though occasionally possessing of a condescending attitude.

My Summary

I put my membership on “FREEZE” which means I can protect my original investment and access the weekly training.  I know that they’re working on a couple of new features that sound powerful and once they are active, I may give this another shot.  I like the way the platform works,  in general, but it hasn’t been cost effective for me.   I am not going to be an affiliate and sign up people because I can’t recommend that you invest this much money to generate a few clicks.   When you consider how much fraud exists in the PPC arena, it’s difficult to calculate exactly what I’ve paid so far per click.  I can say, that I have not received any real leads from this method to date.

So.. It’s interesting, shows some promise, but it’s just way too expensive for me.

PS.. Some sites I’ve used this on: