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Signal Pigeon – Don’t Waste Your Time!

 This program offers great things, all geared to improving Google ranking. It promises among other things:

  • The Single Rule To Follow that’ll help you gain better rankings as you grow your business… Understanding this rule will help you succeed today, and survive through future updates tomorrow.
  • The Biggest Mistake Marketers are still making when creating their site content… This not only wastes your time, but can actually get you penalized by Google in the process.
  • The Real Deal Behind Post Penguin Backlinksand what Google looks at in your backlink profile in 2012… This will get clear up any ‘backlink confusion’ you may have, and leave you with a simple plan to follow, to leverage within your traffic campaigns.
  • A No-Nonsense Approach To On-Page SEOand how to develop a truly Google-Friendly site, while avoiding the ‘over-optimization’ so many others fall prey to… This strategy directly improves severalother ranking factors to enhance your ranking potential even further.
  • Discover The Least Talked About Ranking Signal in place today, and the one which is becoming more and more important as time goes by… Apply this to your business now and surpass any competitors who ignore it and get left behind.
  • Reveal The Most Influential Factor in modern day site ranking, which determined whether a site survived the Panda update, or got discarded to the back pages… Put your focus on this and you’ll not only achieve higher rankings, but a more profitable business overall.
  • A Detailed Checklist Of Each Ranking Signal with a description of exactly what Google looks for… Use this as an easily accessible reference point to determine what you need to focus on next to achieve your front page rankings.

Unfortunately it’s just an hour and a half wasted. This 96 minute video is nothing more than a rehash of link building, Meta tags, domain age and other incredibly rehashed topics.    I watched this video with the checklist above and could find zero action items that would actually help me improve my ranking.

Of course the first thing that happens is that Munchweb tries to sell you on Traffic Magnet.

If you’ve got 8.40 to throw away, you’d be better off buying two expensive coffees at Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts and use the caffeine buzz to push you to implement some of the techniques you already are familiar with. There are no secrets delivered by the Signal Pigeon.   Stay away from Munchweb… It’s all pigeon poop.

12/30 Update – I can’t get off the mailing list of these guys. Chris Munch’s barrage keeps coming even though I’ve unsubscribed several times.    Really annoying way of doing business.. Avoid anything with Chris Munch’s name on it.