Let us know what you’ve seen that looks interesting.

We’re always looking for new products worthy of trying out!  We like E-products that come with clear guarantee. I don’t mind taking a flyer on a product if I’m confident there’s no financial risk. I tend to avoid any product with a monthly charge – but have occasionally tried those too.

Recent suggestions that we’re considering include:

Retargeting Cloud – recently posted.
ReClick – Emi Nelson’s program $997 for exit popups wherever you want.
Push Response
Macro Express  Works great..
Scope Freak Pro – Garbage

We get way too many spammed comments and had to disable that feature. That doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate your feedback.. Please send your suggestions to us :     yes at wereviewed dot com!

If you would like to contribute:

We’re looking for like minded folks to add their two cents. Reviews and thoughts welcome.  Don’t volunteer if you’re seeking to pump your product and drive traffic. We’re looking for objective reviewers with real insight into marketing products and the people involved in these products.   You can reach us at

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