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Curation Studio – I Sent this back in 15 Minutes

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Igor Kheifets – Interesting Email from this marketing powerhouse

Igor Kheifets – Marketer

Igor Kheiftets – Internet Marketer

I recently received the email below from Igor Kheifets… I’m not sure about this guy.. I watched a couple of his webinars and learned a few things.. But this email was troubling.

Obviously, this is a marketing ploy. But basically he’s complaining that internet marketers buy tools that don’t work, and then ask for their money back.  Imagine that?

Igor is a solo ads provider that I’ve used in the past.

Igor Kheifets Email Blast

There’s a disturbingly large group of people slithering around the internet right now responsible for pushing thousands of marketers out of business every single month.

I’m not kidding.

This threat is real.

If you’re not careful they will infiltrate your list and suck the life out of it.

They have 5 typical behaviours:

● They’re not serious about making money online, yet they investigate every business opportunity which comes across their virtual desk

● They’re extremely paranoid about getting “scammed,” even though they might have never been scammed before since they never take action

● They’re always looking for free stuff and they never actually buy anything. Some are known to ask to get them in at no cost and pay using their commissions

● They never commit to any project seriously, there’s always a legitimiate excuse why they failed

● They’ve got no sense of urgency and no skin in the game so they always delay taking action

The more of these criminals you’ve got on your list, the lower your chances to make it in this biz.

If you see one, there’s probably more hiding deep in the trenches of your autoresponder.

The longer you let them sit on your list, the quicker your biz dies.

Which is why I literally walk over broken glass to weed them out of my new risk-free traffic source for you.


By setting up unreasonable barriers between the prospect and your affiliate link.

They have to be really committed and truly serious if they want to see what you got.

This also puts them in peak buying state for you.

So that you, my little droogling, can build a fat, healthy, ridiculously lucrative list fast and risk-free!

Igor Kheifets


Okay.. So.. It’s probably just a ploy, but I found it interesting and I hope you did too. 🙂


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