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The List Lifestyle – David Eisner’s Hidden Lists!


Here’s the advertisement that grabbed my attention. It was sent from JVZoo Daily Pick, which sends me numerous  emails every day. They seem to market everything!   If you’re building email lists, this advertisement had lots of appealing claims, and I certainly wished that David delivered on them.

I feel like I’ve spent quite a bit of time with David Eisner in the past few days, who seems to be a reasonable and intelligent guy.    I watched as much of his videos as I could stomach.  And while the advertising clearly doesn’t match the product, there were several interesting topics covered in his videos, which seemed to have been recorded live… Meaning that the videos are full of silly little errors and lots of superfluous junk.  They take forever, were often tedious, and you had to sift through considerable filler and fluff to locate a nugget of information.  And generally, the nugget of information was old news.

25 Minutes into his “Hidden Lists” video, we learn that his hot method is called remarketing.  You can learn how it works by visiting    They provide you code.  When someone visits your website, a cookie is placed on your visitor’s computer. If your visitor later visits a site in’s network, you can reach them with your advertisement.     Come on David. has been around a while and is hardly new and hidden.

You still are paying for each click.

This was the meat of the training.  There were other things that were even less useful, such as sending people ten cents through paypal to introduce yourself and make a connection.  David said he wasn’t going to do it, he was merely showing the technique.


I purchased the premium package which included all the filler. This was clearly a waste of time and money so I requested a refund less than 24 hours after purchasing. David was polite and refunded my purchase without trying to change my mind, and I really appreciated that.

Save your money…. There’s nothing here worth paying for.  Everything presented, is done in a time wasting manner.  Time is valuable and you can save yourself hours of it by skipping the videos and reports presented here.  If you want to try “remarketing”, or “retargeting”  go to or other sites that do the same thing like


Use the 62 bucks for ads and you might actually get something back.