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Top 3 Ways to Promote Your Website – Cheap!

Top 3 Ways to Promote Your Website Cheap!

We’re always looking for cost effective ways to generate targeted traffic.  Traffic is easy to come by, just go through fiverr traffic gigs and you will see pages and pages of gigs driving traffic.  Unfortunately, though these gigs all drive traffic cheap,  it’s mostly worthless traffic, if you’re looking to find real customers. I say most are worthless, because I haven’t tried them all yet, and I’m giving the benefit of the doubt to those I have missed.   I admit there are uses for this traffic related to SEO ranking – but in the long run, I’ve had more success building real traffic that generates leads, sales and new customers.

traffic-gigsLet’s define ‘Cheap Traffic’  For an example, take a look at the most in-demand keywords for weight loss.  Certainly a competitive niche:

Keywords Suggested Bid Local Searches Global Searches
how to lose weight $3.12 110,000 450,000
how to lose weight fast $3.01 165,000 301,000
weight loss $5.61 110,000 246,000
how to lose belly fat $1.64 90,500 201,000
diet $4.15 40,500 165,000
low carb diet $1.48 90,500 165,000
lose weight fast $3.53 74,000 135,000
weight loss pills $1.47 90,500 110,000
weight loss tips $3.56 14,800 110,000
lose weight $4.72 40,500 110,000
detox diet $2.83 40,500 110,000
diabetic diet $2.50 74,000 90,500
diet pills $1.25 60,500 90,500
vegan diet $2.41 49,500 90,500
diet plans $4.70 49,500 90,500
weight loss calculator $4.16 49,500 74,000
diet plan $3.96 8,100 60,500
ideal weight $0.50 22,200 60,500
healthy foods $3.91 33,100 60,500

As you can see, for the keywords that are applicable to most weight loss niches, you can expect to pay 2.50 – 5.00 per click.   So, if your conversion rate is 5 %, the cost of a new sale or client is about 50 to 100 dollars each   You can’t promote cheap things and make money by buying clicks from Google at that rate.  So, for this example, I see cheap traffic as targeted traffic at 25 to 50 cents per visitor.

Here are the ways that I’m using to get traffic cheap – much cheaper than buying Google adwords.


Yes.. Email marketing is still cost effective if done properly. I start with target lists that I buy, link to a autoresponder platform such as iContact or Aweber.  I actually use Interspire, which I purchased and installed on my server.  It doesn’t really matter which autoresponder you prefer – as long as the email is getting to the inbox.    This is not always simple and you can spend a lot of time and effort getting these cheap visitors.  But I do get targeted visitors in my target price range.  25 to 50 cents per click.

** DISCLAIMER – These results are mine.  I’m not suggesting that you would get the same. There are so many variables that affect your final CPC.

CHEAP TRAFFIC SOURCE #2 – Page1 Rankings

There are some niches where this is my number one go to method and I’d be surprised if you are using this method.  I buy zip codes and rank my website locally.  For example, if I want to dominate the search results in an area of the country, I buy a bunch of keywords and zip codes and my listing appears on page 1 of Google in the organic section.  Exactly where I want to be,  and in some niches, this is clearly the most cost effective traffic source.

Note.. The company doesn’t guarantee rankings on page one. I did get on page one for the keywords I chose.

For example.. Suppose I was promoting a weight loss clinic.  I would buy the listings for 10 nearby zip codes wit 15 keywords for a year.  This would cost me about $250 dollars for the year, or 20 dollars per month.  That means when people search in my keywords from a location close to the clinics, my listing appears on page 1.  Very effective and in some niches this is a great money saver.  One added bonus is that it requires no maintenance on my part.  It just keeps on delivering for the year.  It’s monitored and optimized daily by the tech guys at seoflyer but I don’t do anything.

** IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER – My experience with this site is based upon ranking the keyword “INTERNET MARKETING” in zip codes 10017 (New York City) and 34473 Ocala, Florida.  They did exactly what they advertised for me but there are no guarantees made by me that they can do it for you.  This is only my opinion of a service that has worked for me.



Voice mail messages directly to the inbox
Voice mail messages directly to the inbox

This one is a little out there.  But I’ve had success with it. It costs about .04 cents per message and you can send voice mail messages directly to someone’s cell phone voice mail box.  You can send thousands and it’s amazing how many people respond.  So, generally  I only send 50 a day or so.  For the niches where you’re looking for a conversation this is huge. I also have had many people going directly to a website that I mention in the message.

I know it sounds like it’s black hat – but it’s totally FCC compliant.  Check it out yourself at

If you don’t want to buy the system, I’ll do a test for you for .10 a message.  Drop me an email if you’re interested.

** DISCLAIMER – This has worked for me. Messages get to the voice mail box. The response rate is directly related to your message and they (goringless) don’t guarantee any response rate.


I know you were promised 3 cheap traffic sources, but in an effort to “Exceed Expectations”, (our marketing team motto) here’s one other thing to consider.

What is Retargeting?  or Remarketing.   Some people call it “banner stalking”.  The way it worked in the past is that when you visit a website, the website advertising follows you around the web wherever you browse.    Visit and you can see it in action.

But things change on the internet and now you can target people that never even visit your website.   It takes some work to A/B test creatives and keywords for building a retargeting list. But, once you get it down, it’s worth it. I’ve only been doing this one a week – so expect to hear more about this shortly.

** DISCLAIMER – These results are from my test.  Your results may vary.


None of these techniques include a magic bullet, but if you put in the effort you can make them work to get you targeted traffic..   Then it comes down to conversions… Which is a topic for another day!  If you have any questions about any of these things, shoot me a note!