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Run from these people and if you see Chelsea on the street, tell her she’s working for crminals.

You may have seen this ad recently. I found it after clicking a link in an email offering “I’m giving you $750 to beta test this system”.

That was the last mention of the $750 or the beta test offer.

I watched the video, featuring a very charismatic woman who claimed she wasn’t an overpaid actor. (I’m thinking overpaid was the key adjective here)  After the usual claims and proof of money in Clickbank and PayPal accounts I decided I wanted to learn more.

The key appeal was claim to show you how to get unlimted paid ads for free. I know I could use that!

The product included the usual 60 day money back guarantee, but it was through Clicksure which is a service that I’m unfamiliar with.   We may soon be testing that claim too.

First alarm.  Upon clicking the payment button, the next page was unavailable. I did receive a receipt from Clickbank and went to their website and the member login page.

Second alarm… When I attempted to log in using the Clicksure receipt number, I received an error message that said my order number was invalid.   I immediately sent an email to customer support. Waiting on that now. For now.. I’d stay away.  I followed up several hours later with a friendly reminder.  There is no phone service available.

Third alarm… Company is based in Hong Kong and subject to Hong Kong laws and courts.  I have nothing against the people there, but it certainly makes things more difficult if you have a problem. The long and detailed disclaimer also limits damages to purchase price.  I’m okay with that.

** One note.. Price was 39.00 when you clicked link after the video.. Attempt to leave page once and it goes to 19.00 dollars. Attempt to leave again and it drops to $1 dollar.. That scares me!

Update – Still haven’t heard back regarding my login problems. I did also request my $750 for the beta test. Of course, I’m not expecting that, but thought it would be fun to make an issue about it.

Update – The day after ordering.

Finally got the log in information and believe me when I tell you this company is a total scam. This is a rehash of all the same things you’ve seen before.  Multiple upsells. The first thing they require is you to buy hosting so they can build you a website.

Remember … this is not what the original promises were all about. There is NOTHING about gettting paid ads for free on the website.  This company and it’s merchant processing system, Clicksure are both totally useless and are probably committing criminal fraud.

Submitted refund request with both vendor and Clicksure… Clicksure communication was handled by an idiot who was completely cluesless.

After gettting past the initial upsell crap.. I found the meat. The two-hour video course.  The entire strategy is revenue sharing.  Absolutely nothing new. Here’s the outline so you can see what I mean.

Module 1 =  Affiliate Marketing..  Clickbank, ewanetwork, neverblue, etc. Same old.

Module 2   = Extreme Site Finder… Software does a search on your keyword and puts URLs into a text file.
This is hardly difficult.  Then you have to contact each site manually and see if you can post an ad or set up a revenue sharing agreement.

Module 3 – Mini Ad Network
More about contacting the sites and setting up your ad or revenue sharing program.