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TweetSpice – This Worked. May it rest in peace


UPDATE –  Tweet Spice is Done

UPDATE – 6/2015  Tweet Spice seems to have expired.  The web page is unavailable for months and no response from customer support.


I checked and there are still sales pages active, but the program doesn’t work and the owners don’t respond.

I‘ve been using TweetSpice for two weeks and feel that I’ve completed a fairly thorough test drive…. I’m happy to report that this bit of software is worth the money based on the time that it saves me.  I am running 8 twitter accounts without proxies and I’m currently averaging over 500 new twitter followers per day.

It took me about an hour to get comfortable with the software. It can do most everything that TweetAdder did. It pretty much is a set it, and forget it, type of software and I only check it daily because it’s fun to see the progress.

Professional Features and Benefits

– Find Like Minded Twitter Followers in Seconds;
– Unlimited Twitter Accounts;
– Anti-Blocking Account Feature;
– Mimic Human Activity By Random Posting;
– “Set It & Forget It!” Feature;
– Random Settings So You Can Follow Safely;
– Automation – Turn on Automatic Features;
– AUTO-PILOT Mode – Let it Run for Weeks On End;
– Mentions (@you) and Replying To Them;
– URL Shortening Feature;
– Reports On Counters To Track Your Progress;
– Friend Search Capabilities;
– RSS Feed Posting (Your Favorite Content) To Keep Your Time Line Up To Date;
– Add a Chosen Prefix/Suffix To Your RSS Posts;
– Welcome Messages – Customized Greeting To People Automatically When They Follow You;
– Find and Reply – When People Are Looking for iPhone or Any Other Keyword ;
– It Will Send Them A Customized Message;
– Find and Reply To Messages in Your Timeline Automatically (Optionally);
– Direct Message (Inbox Management);
– Direct Messages Management & Deletion;
– VIP Safe List – A List That Cannot Be Unfollowed;
– Following Target People, Users You Are Interested In;
– Unfollowing People Who Did Not Follow You Back Automatically;
– Unfollowing Unwanted People;
– ReTweet Feature By Other Accounts Owned by You To Improve Your Profile;
– Tweet Your Message At a Very Specific Day & Time Like on Christmas Day;
– Tweets – One Offs;
– Scheduled Tweets Way Into The Future;
– Scheduled Following Into The Future;
– Target Following By Using Keywords;
– Language Filtering e.g. English Only;
– Spam Control Features;
– Task Queue – Tells You What Is Happening Behind The Scenes;
– Automation Features – Turn On/Off;
– Fantastic Support System Team Behind It – This Brings You Peace Of Mind!

So far, the only thing I haven’t found is the Language filtering and I haven’t used the support system.

Overall.. This one’s a keeper. I bought the Pro version so I could run it on multiple computers. So far.. so good!

UPDATE:   It appears that TweetSpice has run into a problem. Their home page has been shut down with “Account Suspended” error message.. Not looking good.

UPDATE2  Jan 2014  – is back up and running.   My 7 running accounts have added over 15,000 new followers and I’ve had good success with several promotions run for clients.