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Ubot Studio

Ubot Studio

If you’ve been reading for a while, you will already be aware of the fact that I like to automate as much of my work as possible.  I have used several tools in the past and have just added another to my arsenal.

Ubot Studio is pretty cool.  It is powerful and not incredibly difficult. I have used it to fill out forms on websites and create accounts on gmail, yahoo and a few other sites.

Combined with task scheduler, a lot of things are now happening on my computer without any interference on my part.  For example, first thing in the moring, my computer downloads leads from my website, puts them into a database then adds them to my list manager where an introductory letter is sent out… All before I get my coffee!

Pretty cool. I sometimes had trouble selecting key elements in forms as I’m sure the code is created to make automation as difficult as possible. But with a little perseverence, I have gotten everything to work that I’ve attempted to date.

Let me know what you think of this tool!  The uses are limitless and I admit that so far I’ve picked pretty simple tasks.

1/30/13 Update… I’ve been using this product for almost one year. Each month I seem to find an additional use for it and many tasks that I created a year ago are still going strong!  Still pretty cool!