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Video News Jacker

Video News JackerVideo News Jacker – Derek Allen’s training course to help you generate traffic to your site or offers by capitalizing on the latest trending topics.  I was immediately interested as one of my ongoing projects/tasks is generating traffic to a trending topics website called  (yes.. I didn’t know there was such a thing as a dot today domain..)

The concept is good.  And the course is cheap. I paid 12 dollars.  Of course, there were a few upsells before I could get to my members area and the course.. The course features four videos and a few bonuses.  The entire course is about 67 minutes… And to be fair, there’s some good stuff, though nothing earth shattering.

He does lay out a pretty simple blue print to find a topic that might be right, create a short video and then how to upload and get some views.. I’m most concerned about the last part as I didn’t see anything particularly useful about getting traffic  to the video and this may turn out to be the weak part.

So.. I’m going to try it.  My goal is to drive traffic to  so, I’m going to make story from one of the recent posts…