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Video Traffic Siphon Review- Cool tool, Not Worth $297

Video Traffic Siphon Review

After watching the seminar and then about 1 1/2 hours of training, it’s time for my Video Traffic Siphon review:

I watched this webinar last night.. And I should have known better.  The hour spent with the guys promoting Video Traffic Siphon (VTS) could have been better spent reading the phone book.   I recently purchased Follower Grabber from the team of Robert Mercado and his partner Ricky.. I can’t find his last name at the moment.   Here’s what grabbed my attention in an email from the VTS team.

“This traffic is on auto-pilot, dirt cheap, never ending,
and penny traffic that converts like crazy.

You’ll see how we got 1,000,000 views to our site for
under $100, not joking and it’s 100% high converting traffic.

Don’t Miss This One, You Will Kick Yourself!”

Video Traffic Siphon Review
Video Traffic Siphon Review –

There were many claims of stunning earnings and incredibly cheap traffic. Some examples listed traffic at less than .0001  per click.  That rounds off to zero on Facebook’s tracking system.

This System is Really About Facebook Ads.

I probably should have mentioned the fact that this system is really about Facebook ads, and I already know how to do that.  The training covers some good techniques about building an audience and sending ads to the right people.

Viral Video Locating Tool

The first step in the process at the heart of the VTS system is locating a video that’s going viral.   I have to admit the tool is pretty easy to use and finds videos that are good to use. They have high numbers of views and likes.  Unfortunately, you can’t tell how old the likes and views are so you might spend time on a video that was hot last year. I’m sure you know what a waste of time that might be.