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Video Traffic Siphon Review- Cool tool, Not Worth $297


Video Traffic Siphon Rewview - Cool but too expensive!
                                                              Video Traffic Siphon Review

What you’ll probably notice without my help is that you probably know how to do all those things, if you’ve posted Facebook ads before. If you haven’t, there are much less expensive ways to learn. Just search Youtube or Google.     The tool that finds viral video works great, I just don’t want to spend $297 dollars for it. You might. It’s fast and seems to do a good job.  But it’s not for my budget.

Video Traffic Siphon Review Summary

The folks who promoted this product and hosted the webinar seem like reasonable people. They offered a very reasonable guarantee and they also promise lots of support and genuine concern in my success. I would work with them, but not at this price.  For more info, check out.. Video Traffic Siphon.

(PS.. Just to be clear. I am not an affiliate. I don’t care if you buy it. I don’t recommend it primarily because of the price.  But the tool works and is simple to use.)

One Final Word of Caution

I requested a no questions asked refund.. And received questions and a little resistance about the refund.  So far, they haven’t processed my refund, but it’s only been a few hours.  I will definitely update this if there is a problem with the refund.  It’s been 9 days and my refund has still not been processed..  Avoid Video Traffic Siphon.

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