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Visibility Engine – Case Study

Identify Website Visitors

This was exciting as soon as I saw it.  Visibility Engine (VE)  claims to be able to provide names, addresses, email addresses and postal addresses of my website visitors.  These users don’t have to take any action.  On further research, Visibility Engine is actually much more than that, and a a little less. Here’s what I mean.

  1.  It can’t identify every visitor.  Their reach is currently about 100 million people in the US, though the number is growing every month.  But after several discussions I’ve learned that they typically can identify 25% to 60% of website visitors.  So… It’s a little less, but more comforting when you consider the privacy implications.
  2. It’s much more because it’s actually a 3 step process:  The first step is the identifying visitors, but the second step is to build a profile based on your website visitors and optionally, your current client list.  This profile can build a behavior profile of what people who visit your website do while using the web.
  3. Then, in the final step, VE can search its 100 million strong database and find other people who match the derived profile who haven’t yet visited your site.

Case Study – Boat Sales

I was interested in finding people who are looking to buy boats in my area.  VE identified 2300 people who were identified by their actions as being looking to buy a boat.   I had the names , phone numbers addresses and email address of 2300 people who I could reach out to with email direct mail or phone calls.   This was exciting.. When I washed it against my current database of 40,000 people, which had been accumulated over 30 years, I found that there were 7 people already in my system.   In the past year, I had added about 300 people to my marketing database, so this was a huge jump for me.

A salesman called one of these 7 because he already had a spoken to this individual, but it had been over a year since last contact.  The VE identified individual exclaimed shortly into the phone call.. :”How in the hell did you know I was looking for a boat again?”     I was very optimistic, but it could have been a coincidence, right?  They are still negotiating, but this definitely encouraged me.

Started an eMail campaign

My email campaign was pretty timid. I didn’t have a relationship with these people so I was very careful not to run into spam issues with my email provider.  SO.. It took two weeks to run the campaign, and in the initial blast, I did get a few opt-outs but my delivery rate was 97% and by open rate as about 19% which is terrific.   From this mailing campaign I started getting responses and found I was definitely talking to some seriously interested boaters and new boaters.

There was one nasty message

One woman sent me an email opting out with a little snarky note that instigated me to call her, remember I had her phone number already.  She was shocked that I called her back and even more shocked that I had her phone number.  It turns out she was a retired marketing executive and we had a nice conversation about my marketing capabilities.  She was impressed, wished she had it when she was working, but insisted that it had misfired in her case as although she used to be into boating, she was old, didn’t want a boat and hadn’t been looking for a boat.  We hung up on good terms – though I was curious how she was in my database.

That mystery was solved when she called me back the next day. I was as shocked as she had been to receive the phone call.    She soon sheepishly confessed. It turns out, her son had been looking at boats on her computer!

The Final Results =$360,000 in sales on a $2500 investment.

I built several relationships from this campaign.  Numerous email contacts and several appointments to the New York Boat Show and sold 3 boats.  Basically after getting the leads from Visibility Engine, I sent 4 emails and created a Facebook campaign directed at only these 2300 people.  I sold 3 boats, totaling $360,000.  Two were new, and one was used.  I have many new contacts and I would be shocked if this investment doesn’t lead to several more sales in this year.

If you want to learn more about Visibility Engine click here.

It’s an affordable way to build a contact list of people who are in the market for your product or service. I’m going to run another campaign for the boat dealer and I have several other new projects in the pipeline.  Ask me about the talent agency project – I just might need some partners.