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Wichita Internet marketing Incredible 5 Star Review by Yanik Silver

Wichita Internet marketing Incredible 5 Star Review by Yanik Silver

Wichita Internet marketing reviews Excellent Rating

There has been a shift in the internet marketing world. SEO used to be enough to get you the customers you need. Now it’s not enough.

According to Nielson Reports customer reviews posted online are trusted more than almost anything else when looking for a company. Only personal recommendations from friends or family are more trusted.

What do you think is the next step after getting a personal recomendation for a company from a friend? The next step is to look that company up online. Your friend will recommend a company or service, but they don’t remember what the contact information is. When you ask what the phone number is the answer is will most likely be “I don’t remember… just Google it”.

54% of consumers that are online looking at your company reviews online after getting a recommendation will visit the company website next.

So, its a no-brainer for any company to make sure they have several 5 star reviews online and to have customer testimonials on the front page of their website.

In reality making sure you have 5 star reviews posted online is referral marketing! And, of course I believe that it is common knowledge that video is becoming more relevant online every day.

So, We are showing our reviews in the format of Customer Review Branding Commercials.

This review is from a well know entrepenewer in the internet marketing world: Yanik Silver.

“It’s no secret I’m a technical dunce. But that doesn’t mean I’m a dummy when selecting someone to handle all the “messy” technical stuff I don’t want to do (or can’t do) online.
When it comes to internet marketing technology, Paul Galloway has been my “go-to guy” since 2001. He takes care of the technical “black magic” so I can concentrate on what I do best — promoting my business!

Paul has my absolute highest recommendation on any technical ‘stuff’ you need to do online. He’s smart, fast, honest, creative and reliable. I think that’s a perfect (and rare) combination”

Do you need marketing help? If you don’t have enough customers spending their money on what you offer the answer is yes.

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