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WP Social Traffic Plugin

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WP Social Traffic Plugin

I couldn’t make this work. My plugin wouldn’t post to my Facebook fan page.

The way this is intended to work, is that it will post a preview to my Facebook page, and then link original blog post to appropriate websites.  Unfortunately I couldn’t make this work, so I couldn’t evaluate if traffic actually happens.  Customer support attributed this problem to Facebook blocking certain content – including the internet marketing products that were written about in the original blog post.

I’m including someone else’s review – which is really a sales pitch, but it has some good explanations of the plugin.  I’m not recommending it.

Customer Support Was Responsive

Customer support was responsive, though not particularly fast.  They did seem determined to figure out the problem, though immediately blamed problems on things outside their control. i.e. CRON, Facebook, Me, etc.   They did process my refund quickly though and I had purchased the premium version of the license.




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