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WP Syndicator

WP Syndicator

WP Syndicator – I admit.. I don’t remember where I found this piece of software and I don’t have a link for you, but if you want it, I’m sure you can find it…

And I like this one.  Once it’s fully set up, it will push your blog post to several other blog sites that you own. Of course, it’s only useful if you actually want to maintain 10+ blogs.   From a link building point of view, it can’t hurt to have more links to my main blog, right.

It took me about an hour to set this up beause I had to create new accounts on various blog sites, such as  Once set up you can automatically have your posts pushed to your other sites, with the appropriate and useful link back to your original post.

That’s the short version… Just found a good source for this… If you like the idea, drop me an email at me at troysgamespot dot com and I’ll show you how to get it for 5 bucks.