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WP Tweet Machine – It Works!!

WP Tweet Machine Review

People still use Twitter a lot so it’s worth having a presence there. I’ve had success driving traffic to websites using my twitter accounts. Particularly my accounts geared toward investing and stock promotion.

Other areas work too.  Any trending topic or funny animal video always gets lots of interaction.  The key is to have a useful Twitter account without spending a lot of time on it.


That’s what I like about WP Tweet Machine – after you get it set up.   The setup took me a half an hour for one Twitter account the first time – and it didn’t work.  You have to include your API information for Youtube, instagram and Twitter.   You also have to set up several cron jobs in your hosting server.  This was pretty easy on my Hostgator server, which is where I first tried this plugin.

WP Tweet Machine automates the Twitter follower builder process

Yes.. WP Tweet Machine is a WordPress plugin that automates the Twitter follower building process by following like minded users, retweeting interesting tweets and tweeting relevant info from YouTube channels or playlists, pictures from Instagram and also custom posts.  Which is where you insert your tweets designed to monetize your follower list.

My Test

I set up an brand new Twitter account and once we got the setup bugs out, I let it run in automatic with only an occasional check to make sure things were consistently moving forward.  After about a week, I have about 100 followers and that number is growing daily.

I did a quick audit of the follower quality and I was pleased with the percentage of apparently legitimate Twitter users that are now following my@BoatGuyLI account.   Considering the fact that I don’t actually have to do anything anymore with this account, I am going to keep doing it.    Let’s see where it goes.

Incidentally, my @BoatGuyLI account is linked to a playlist on Youtube.  So… any changes that I make in that playlist will make it’s way into my video tweets.  If I link that playlist to multiple twitter accounts through WP Tweet Machine, it amplifies the impact of that playlist.  I’m sure you can see the marketing power in that feature.


I’m not a big fan of upsells and one time offers after I decide to buy a product and there was an annoying string of these during my checkout process. I did purchase the upsell that allows me to put the plugin on multiple sites, but I wasn’t thrilled at that.

Just to be clear.. I am not promoting this plugin.  I am not an affiliate and I won’t make any money if you happen to buy it.  I just like it.  I’m not really sure I like Twitter because I think so much is automated these days that I wonder just how many folks actually are sitting around reading tweets.  I know some people like following celebrity tweet accounts – even though most of those tweets are crafted by staff members with an agenda.